Time to get started
One-day deep-dive training. In-person & Online. 100% demo-based. Beginner to Advanced levels. On SQL Server, Data Science & Azure.
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Time to be a Master
Three-day deep-dive training. In-person & Online. Comprehensive coverage. 100% Demo-based. 20 hours Hands-on exercises. Intermediate to Advanced content On SQL Server, Data Science & Azure
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8_SQL Server Training

Time to conquer all odds
Five-day deep-dive training. In-person delivery. Comprehensive coverage. 100% demo based & hands-on Intermediate to Advanced content. Filled with challenges & real-world scenarios On SQL Server, Data Science & Azure
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8_SQL Server Training

Anytime, Anywhere Learning Practically learn a concept. 100+ Labs to choose from. Beginner to Advanced labs. On-Demand. Highly affordable. Monthly & Annual subscription
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5_SQL Server Training

Catering to your needs @ your place
Customized content to suit your needs. On-site delivery. Expert trainers & consultants at all levels. Beginner to Advanced coverage.
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Why learn from SQLMaestros?

SQLMaestros, a unit of eDominer Systems, designs & builds highly advanced, exclusive & niche competencies on Microsoft Data Platform technologies. These competencies are offered in the form of content, training (practical public training & customized corporate training) and as consulting services (like Oracle to SQL migrations, SQL health check services, cloud migration services etc.) to corporates. SQLMaestros expert technical team is led by Amit Bansal, who is a Data Platform specialist, India’s only Microsoft Certified Master (outside Microsoft) & Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional awardee. SQLMaestros has successfully executed countless projects on MS Data Platform technologies for many leading corporates, including Microsoft. SQLMaestros also organizes free deep-dive webinars and free in-person events across all major Indian cities at Microsoft offices every month for the data & analytics community. In addition, SQLMaestros also offers many free resources too.

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