Key Features

  • Five-day training (40 hours)
  • Expert level
  • Highly exclusive content & challenges
  • 100% hands-on & demo-based
  • Based on real-world scenarios
  • Highly configured systems will be provided
  • Dedicated high speed internet will be provided
  • Available In-person only
  • Module 1:  SQL Server Architecture, Scheduling and Waits

    • SQL Server Components and SQL OS
    • Windows Scheduling vs SQL
    • Waits and Queues
    • Hackathon Activities: Troubleshoot scheduler pressure, Identify top waits and culprit queries, Fix
      queries causing maximum CPU usage, Troubleshoot overall CPU performance

    Module 2:   SQL Server I/O

    • Core Concepts
    • IO Setup and Testing
    • SQL Server IO Patterns
    • Hackathon Activities: Troubleshoot IO pressure, Identify culprit queries causing maximum IO, Fix
      queries causing maximum IO, Troubleshoot overall IO performance

    Module 3:  Database Structures

    • Database Structure Internals
    • Data File Internals
    • TempDB Internals
    • Hackathon Activities: Troubleshoot Temdb usage, Identify queries causing maximum Tempdb usage, Fix
      queries causing maximum Temdb usage, Troubleshoot overall TempDB performance

    Module 4:  SQL Server Memory

    • Windows Memory
    • SQL Server Memory
    • Hackathon Activities: Troubleshoot SQL Server Memory, Identify queries causing maximum buffer pool
      usage, Identify memory clerks with max memory consumption, Identify & tune queries with high memory
      consumption or queries causing Out Of Memory exceptions, Troubleshoot overall Memory performance

    Module 5:  Concurrency and Transactions

    • Concurrency and Transactions
    • Locking Internals
    • Hackathon Activities: Identify block chain, Troubleshoot different types of deadlocks, Re-write
      transactional code to minimize deadlocks, Identify Snapshot Isolation Temdb space consumption,
      Troubleshoot overall concurrency performance

    Module 6:  Statistics and Index Internals

    • Statistics Internals and Cardinality Estimation
    • Index Internals
    • Hackathon Activities: Identify statistics used by a query, Identify statistics metadata, Investigate
      query plan to identify poor cardinality estimation, Identify missing and unused indexes, Fix poor
      performing queries by implementing the right indexing strategies, Troubleshoot overall indexing

    Module 7:  Extended Events

    • Extended Events core concepts
    • Implementing Extended Events
    • Hackathon Activities: Implement Extended Events to capture queries causing page splits, Implement
      Extended Events to capture workloads causing maximum IO, CPU, etc., Use extended events to capture wait stats for a particular workload

    Module 8:  Monitoring, Tracing and Baselining

    • Monitoring and Tracing
    • Baselining and Benchmarking
    • Hackathon Activities: Setup baseline database and capture performance data, Use the captured
      performance data to troubleshoot common performance issues

    Module 9:  Query Execution and Query Plan Analysis

    • Query Execution and Optimizer Internals
    • Optimizing T-SQL code / Rewriting including Query Hints
    • Analyzing Query Plans
    • Hackathon Activities: Analyze problems in query plans, re-write queries for better performance and/or
      tune indexes, dive deep into operator details

    Module 10:   Plan Caching and Recompilation

    • Plan Cache Internals
    • Troubleshooting Plan Cache Issues
    • Hackathon Activities: Identify, troubleshoot & fix plan cache bloating scenarios, Identify,
      troubleshoot & fix excess compilations and re-compilations

    Module 11:  Design and Implement an Azure SQL Database

    • Index Fragmentation
    • Indexing Techniques
    • Indexing Strategy
    • Tuning Queries
    • Hackathon Activities: Identify & diagnose real-world indexing issues, Identify & troubleshoot query
      workspace memory issues

    Highly configured machines will be provided to the registered participants for labs and hackathon activities

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