Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a cloud based, scale-out, relational database capable of processing massive volumes of data. SQL Data Warehouse combines the SQL Server relational database with Azure cloud scale-out capabilities. It uses T-SQL and other Microsoft tools like SQL Server Management Studio to work with the Azure Data Warehouse. At any point of time, you can increase and decrease the computing power for Azure Data warehouse without any downtime. In this lab, we will see how to create a SQL Server at Azure and then how to create the Azure SQL Data Warehouse. In the first exercise, we will learn to create Azure SQL Server and Azure data warehouse. In the second exercise, we will learn to configure firewall option which is used to connect Azure Data warehouse with On-Premises SSMS and also learn to create login and user for Data Warehouse. In the third exercise, we will learn to load data into Azure Data warehouse from On-Premises SQL server.

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