In this lab, we’ll learn to effectively use precedence constraints, implement error and event handling and logging. Precedence Constraints are the arrows used to connect two or more tasks in Control Flow and Data Flow. Precedence constraints govern the flow of a SSIS package. There are 3 different types of precedence constraints Success, Failure and Completion. Success is the default precedence. In the first exercise, we’ll learn to use the precedence constraints.
Each task or a container in SSIS raise events as it executes, such as OnError event which occurs when an Error happens. There are some other events as well those occurs when the package runs, we can use them as per our requirement. In the second exercise, we’ll learn to effectively implement error handling with OnError event.
SSIS provides a functionality to log the progress of the package when it runs; this functionality of logging the progress of the package is called Logging in SSIS. There are some inbuilt log providers those helps to log the required information to different locations like to SQL Server tables OR to Flat files. In the third exercise, we’ll learn to effectively implement logging in SSIS.

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