SQLMaestros Hands On Labs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To get started register here. Once you register you can download four free labs to practice. If you are satisfied with the content and the quality of the labs, you can easily upgrade to a paid subscription. As a free user you can browse through the available labs but can’t download them. You can access all the labs in the library once you are a paid subscriber.
The labs are not immediately available for download. The labs are digitally protected with Lock Lizard software and can only be viewed in a lock lizard viewer using a valid license. We’ll add you to the lock lizard system. Once you’r added, you’ll get an email with lock lizard viewer installation file and a license file. Follow the instructions in the email to setup lock lizard viewer and activate the license. You can now download and practice the hands on labs..


  • Full Access to complete HOLs library for a month


  • Full Access to complete HOLs library for an year
You have to download and install the Lock lizard client and a valid lock lizard license to access the downloaded lab document. The lock lizard client installer and license will be provided in the introductory mail. The free labs do not require lock lizard to open the lab document.
Each download contains a Lock Lizard protected Lab document and a Scripts folder. The lab document has detailed steps to practice the lab and the Scripts folder contains relevant code for the lab. To open the lab document you would require Lock Lizard client and a valid license.
You can register as a free user to download and practice 4 free labs.
HOL library has 65+ labs. Moreover, 4-5 labs will be added every week.
As a free user, you can download all free labs at once. As a paid member, you can download 5 labs per day. This limit is applicable to both monthly and annual subscription.
HOLs are created by industry experts and tested thoroughly before being released. However, to err is human and we are no aliens 🙂

To report an issue, mail us at holfeedback@sqlmaestros.com.

We provide free hands on labs for evaluation, therefore we don’t offer refunds. However, a subscription can be cancelled and will not be auto renewed. The account will still be accessible through the end of the current term.