SQLMaestros In-person Master Classes are designed to have 40 hours of intensive, advanced, deep-dive & practical training. We have successfully delivered 11 Master Classes across various cities in India, especially Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Mumbai etc. Master Classes are highly advanced & exclusive; hence, they are conducted only once-in-a-year.

This year, four new Master Classes in in-person format have been announced. These will be scheduled only in Bangalore city. To cater to other cities, and global community, we have introduced online delivery of Master Classes.

Schedule & Class Duration:

In-person Master Class is a 40-hour training course divided into two parts – 3 days of 8 hours each & 16-20 hours of hands-on-labs exercises. Class timings will be: 9 am to 6 pm with 1 hour of lunch/refreshment breaks.


You will have to set up your own environment to practice the hands-on-labs. The setup is very easy. Once you are registered for the class, we will share a setup guide which will contain step-by-step instructions. In case of any help required, SQLMaestros can assist you.

Please note that you will need your own Azure account for the following master classes:

  • SQL Server 2014/2016 Master Class
  • Azure Data Platform Master Class
  • Data Science & Advanced Analytics Master Class

Hands-on-Labs Exercises:

For each registered trainee of the Master Class, SQLMaestros will provide 1-month FREE access to its Hands-on-Labs portal. All master class labs are hosted in the library. Access to Hands-on-Labs portal would give you more than 100+ labs to practice at your own pace & time. Apart from practicing course-specific labs, you will have access to the entire library for a month. You are most welcome to learn & practice beyond the master class. However, since the free access is only for 1 month, trainees are encouraged to practice hands-on-labs exercises within 1 month or before the free subscription ends.

Features of SQLMaestros In-Person Master Classes:

  • Will be 40 hours of intensive training
  • 3 days classroom based learning (24 hours) in Bangalore & 16-20 hours of hands-on learning (anywhere/anytime)
  • Trainees will use SQLMaestros Hands-On-Labs platform to practice trainer assigned & a host of other labs as part of the curriculum
  • Trainees will also get free 1 month SQLMaestros Hands-on-Labs (HOLs) subscription to gain the practical edge over others (even after training concludes). Through the 1-month subscription, trainees will get access to 100 labs on Microsoft data platform stack free of cost
  • Training content in the form of a manual will be provided to all trainees
  • Certificates of Participation will be given to the trainees
  • In-person Master Classes will be conducted at an Executive Hotel in Bangalore

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