SQLMaestros Online Master Classes are designed to have 40 hours of intensive training, which will be 5 days of online instructor-led synchronous learning (5 hours per day) & 16-20 hours of hands-on learning using SQLMaestros Hands-On-Labs platform to practice trainer assigned & a host of other labs.

The SQLMaestros Online Master Class will be delivered via the GoToMeeting platform. GoToMeeting is the most popular webcasting tool used for collaborating in real time. It has some very powerful features which will be used by our trainers to provide you the best online training experience. All you need is a good internet connection, headset, and GoToMeeting installed in your system (one-time setup). You need to ensure that the GotoMeeting application or your system audio/voice is not blocked by the firewall.

Schedule & Class Duration

Online Master Class is a 40-hour training course divided into two parts – 5 days of 5 hours each & 16-20 hours of hands-on-labs exercises. Class timings will be: 10.30 am to 1.00 pm, and 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm.

For each registered trainee of the online Master Class, SQLMaestros will provide 1-month FREE access to its Hands-on-Labs portal. Access to Hands-on-Labs portal would give you more than 100+ labs to practice at your own pace & time. However, since the free access is only for 1 month, trainees are encouraged to practice hands-on-labs exercises within 1 month or before the free subscription ends.

Login Procedure

You would be receiving an invite URL before each session. You just need to click on the link to join the session at the scheduled time. No ID and password is required to login. Participants are expected to login 15 minutes before the scheduled time and be ready for the session. Please ensure that the audio settings are working properly. Session will begin as per the scheduled time.


You will have to set up your own environment to practice the hands-on-labs. The setup is very easy. Once you are registered for the class, we will share a setup guide which will contain step-by-step instructions. In case of any help required, SQLMaestros can assist you.

Please note that you will need your own Azure account for the following master classes:

  • SQL Server 2014/2016 Master Class
  • Azure Data Platform Master Class
  • Data Science & Advanced Analytics Master Class

Hands-on-Labs Exercises

As a master class participant, you will get a complementary 1-month access to Hands-On-Labs. All master class labs are hosted in the library. Apart from practicing course-specific labs, you will have access to the entire library for a month. You are most welcome to learn & practice beyond the master class.

What does a typical Online Master Class session look like?

Now that you have understood all about the online master class, let us visualize how does a typical session look like:

  • You are successfully registered for the class and have the full session schedule.
  • You will click on the session URL 15 minutes before the start time.
  • You will verify that your audio is working fine.
  • You will put your phones on silent mode and any external distraction should be avoided during the session. You will mute your microphone unless you have to speak. You are now ready for the session to begin.
  • Likewise, the instructor is already online and will ensure all protocols are followed.
  • The instructor begins the session as per the scheduled time. It is two-way interaction as good as a classroom, albeit virtual.
  • The instructor delivers the content. You can talk freely, ask questions, etc.
  • Instructors give live demos by sharing screen.
  • You will have two breaks of 15 mins each during the session.
  • The session ends as per the scheduled time every day. You log out.
  • You receive a reminder email for the next day’s session.
  • At the end of the session, the instructor will guide you to SQLMaestros hands-on-labs portal. Register and do ensure to complete all the instructor assigned labs on priority basis.

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