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SQLMaestros is your one-stop solution for any or all Microsoft Data Platform related requirements. Be it related to Oracle to SQL migrations, SQL health check services, cloud migrations or advanced & customized trainings on Microsoft Data Platform – we have mastered it all. Our expert technical team at SQLMaestros is led by Amit Bansal. Amit is a Data Platform specialist, India’s only Microsoft Certified Master (outside Microsoft) & eleven times Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional awardee. Most importantly, he is the SQL Maestro!

What do we offer?

Experience our world-renowned Master Classes, which are now offered in-person & online. Four New Master Classes have been announced with Amit Bansal as the Master Trainer. Also, practically learn something new on Microsoft Data Platform technologies using our revolutionary Hands-On-Labs (HOLs) learning solution. Check out simultaneously about world’s best & most trusted database tools from Redgate Software & why SQLMaestros approves & uses them in all its projects. SQLMaestros also specializes in Oracle to SQL Migrations & Cloud Migrations. Our expert team can define, assess, design, deploy and land your migration project successfully. We can help you move from Oracle to SQL which ultimately will result in huge savings for your project/company.

In need of any specialized training on SQL Server or Microsoft data platform technologies? Write to us at contact[at]sqlmaestros[dot]com and explore our solutions.

Latest Announcement

Four New Master Classes announced for 2017-2018. Yes, we are back!!
Master Classes on Performance Tuning, SQL Server 2014/2016/2017, Azure Data Platform & Data Science.
Write to us at classes[at]sqlmaestros[dot]com
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SQLMaestros specializes in Oracle to SQL Migrations & Cloud Migrations. Our expert team can define, assess, design, deploy and land your migration project successfully. We can assist your journey from Oracle to SQL, thereby, helping you save on cost, time & efforts.
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Master Classes

SQLMaestros Master Classes, our popular & much-renowned in-person level 400 advanced training on MS Data Platform Stack is now ONLINE & international.
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SQLMaestros Hands-On-Labs is a library of documents (HOLs) that allows you to practice a concept step-by-step.
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8_SQL Server Training

Content Development

We have developed SQL Server content for Microsoft Readiness team and reviewed Microsoft Learning courses. Do we need to say more?
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5_SQL Server Training

Corporate Training

We have delivered more than 500 workshops for 120+ customers across the globe. Since 2002, we continue to excel!
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SQL Server Health Check

We do a detailed analysis of your complete SQL Server environment and provide recommendations for better performance, scalability and availability.
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Oracle to SQL Migration

We’ll help you to migrate seamlessly from your existing Oracle deployment to SQL Server 2016.
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4_SQL Server Training

Cloud Migration

We’ll analyze your existing on premise SQL Server environment and help you to move to cloud.
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Performance Tuning

We’ll help you fix any specific performance tuning problem or improve the overall performance of your SQL Server environment.
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