Each of the training types (Accelerators, Master Classes & Hackathons) from SQLMaestros is designed to suit the different needs/experience levels of different categories of data & analytics professionals. Accelerators are fast-track classes that are 100% demo-based, whereas, Master Classes & Hackathons have highly comprehensive content coverage & are advanced long duration classes. Below is a first-level comparison to easily understand how an Accelerator is different from a Master Class or a Hackathon.

Below is the first-level comparison to differentiate among Accelerators, Master Class & Hackathons.

Accelerators Master Class Hackathons
Duration (Days) 1 3 5
Duration (Hours) 8 40 40
Level 200-400 300-400 300-500
Complexity Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate to Advanced to Expert
Comprehensive curriculum No Yes Yes
Deep-dive Yes Yes Yes
Demo-based Yes Yes Yes
Hands-on during classroom training No No Yes
Hands-on after classroom training No Yes Yes
Prior Experience for participants 1 yr & above 2 yrs & above 2 yrs & above
Classroom-based Yes Yes Yes
Online-based Yes Yes No
Free Lab Subscription No Yes Yes
Price INR 10,000 + Taxes INR 47, 000 + Taxes INR 85,000 + Taxes
Early Bird Discount Available Yes Yes Yes
Take-Away Start & accelerate your career Master the subject Conquer all odds