Getting up to speed on Machine Learning Fundamentals with Azure ML (Online)

This Master Class will be delivered by Ginger Grant

Friendly Title Azure Machine Learning
Class TitleGetting up to speed on Machine Learning Fundamentals with Azure ML
TrainerGinger Grant (USA)
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  • Total 8 hours
  • Two consecutive days
  • 5 hours each day with one-hour break in between
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  • Create a free Azure Machine Learning account at
  • Key Highlights
  • Learn how to apply machine learning concepts to solve problems
  • Understand basic algorithm classifications to determine how to design solutions to solve problems.
  • An introduction to Python will be included to show how you can use this language to create machine learning experiments
  • Takeaways
  • Attendees will understand the process involved in creating a machine learning solution and how to design their own projects.
  • Learning how to use Azure Machine Learning not only provides a way to create production ready ML APIs in a short timeframe, but also provides a method for continued learning with no additional cost.
  • Course Outline
  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Machine Learning
    • Understanding the questions Machine Learning can answer
    • Introduction to Azure Machine Learning
    • Process for creating Machine Learning Models
    • Data Exploration, Cleaning and Visualization
    • Algorithm Classification
  • Module 2: Binary Classification
    • Different algorithms which can be used
    • Applied Data Cleaning
    • Visual result analysis with ROC Curves
    • Evaluation with Confusion Matrix
  • Module 3: Linear Regression
    • Regression algorithm types
    • Creating Regression Machine Learning Experiments with Azure ML
    • Introduction to Python and Jupyter Notebooks
    • Creating Regression Experiments in Python
    • Understanding how to evaluate results
  • Module 4: Deploying Machine Learning Solutions
    • Machine Learning Life Cycle
    • Deploying a solution in Azure Machine Learning
    • Introduction to Machine Learning Services in SQL Server
    • Using SQL Server to deploy a solution
  • Walk-through of Azure Machine Learning
  • Exploring and cleaning data
  • Creating Binary Classification Experiment
  • Evaluating Results of Binary Classification Visually
  • Understanding the Confusion Matrix
  • Linear Regression example
  • Jupyter Notebooks and Python introduction
  • Writing Linear Regression in Python
  • Evaluating Linear Regression Results
  • Creating and deploying models in Azure ML
  • Walk-though of SQL Server Machine Learning
  • Using SQL Server to create a Machine Learning Deployment
  • Trainer’s BioGinger is a Data Platform MVP, Idera ACE, and Microsoft Certified Trainer who shares what she has learned working with data technology at clients by providing training and talks to people around the world. Recently she became an author on the book Exam Ref 70-774 Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning. She runs her own data consultancy practice to help clients analyze data using many different techniques including advanced analytics and Power BI.

    Additional NotesHands on labs will be provided for all attendees so that they can apply what they are learning in class.
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