New SQL Webinar + Tutorials

Hi There, Hi from SQLMaestros. Three news items for you today. #1 The next webinar is announced. Session Title: SQL Server Indexing Basics Date: 8 June 2023 Time: 11:30 am EDT | 3:30 pm GMT | 9 PM IST Block your seat now. #2 SQLMaestros has launched the All-In-One Bundle that gives you three Video [...]

SQL Server Master Class Recordings Bundle

Hi There, If you ever wanted to access our master class recordings, but found the cost high, here is an unmissable opportunity. You can now subscribe to the Query Tuning & Optimization (QTO) master class recordings & get the Performance Tuning Fast-Track master class recordings free. Use the discount code HAPPY2023. Click Here. (Add both [...]

Upcoming Webinar: Top 3 Tuning Techniques

Hi There, Hoping 2023 is treating you well. Our series of webinars are now beginning. The first one is focused on SQL Server Performance Tuning. The 40-minute webinar is packed with practical techniques. Session Title: Top 3 SQL Server Tuning Techniques - Part 1 Date: 02 March 2023 Time: 10:30 am EST | 3:30 pm [...]

Six Query Tuning Techniques

Hi There, This 100-minute session contains many relevant examples to tune your SQL query. Session Title: Six Query Tuning Techniques that will solve 75% of your performance problems. Where to watch? Watch here. Want more deep-dive content? Explore the SQLMaestros Master Class recordings at 60% off. See here. Use the BLACKFRIDAY coupon code. SQL Server [...]

Performance Tuning Master Class (BLACK FRIDAY)

Hi There, If SQL Server Performance Tuning is your day-to-day work, explore the SQLMaestros Master Class recordings at 60% off. See here. SQL Server Query Tuning & Optimization. 28 hours. Jump directly to the product. There are 64 modules/demos including Internals, Better TSQL, Indesu Tuning, Waits & Queues, Concurrency & Intelligence Query Processing. SQLMaestros also [...]

SQL Content from DPS 2022

Hi There, We are writing to you after a while, hope you are doing well. You will be happy to know that the breakout session recordings from Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022, are now available. To access the recordings, Click Here. DPS 2022 has dozens of sessions around SQL technologies including SQL Server 2022, 2019, [...]

SQL Server Performance Tuning

Hi There, We recently solved a performance issue in SQL Server. We tuned a stored procedure that was being plagued by multiple scalar function calls. And guess what - SQL Server 2019 Scalar UDF inlining feature did not work (due to some limitations). Are you facing similar performance issues in your SQL Server environment? Learn [...]

Upcoming Webinars from DataPlatformGeeks

Hi There, We at SQLMaestros support DataPlatformGeeks Community and its learning initiatives for the tech audience. They are coming up with weekly webinars. Each Thursday at 9.30 AM EDT starting from June 16, until Aug 4. Take a look and register for the ones you want to attend. Here are some popular SQL tutorials from [...]

New SQL Videos

Hi There, Here are the most popular SQL tutorials from SQLMaestros. Many of them are old but relevant with meaningful content: How to troubleshoot a slow-running query. Watch now. Query Tuning Techniques. Watch now. SQL Server Wait Types. Watch now. SQL Server Statistics. Watch now. Do not forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel. The [...]

Master Class Recordings & Lab Kit – Instant Access

Hi There, The much-awaited Master Class Recordings and the Lab Kit are now available. You can get instant access. #1 SQL Server Query Tuning & Optimization Master Class Recordings. 28 hours of content. Watch the sample content before you subscribe. And make sure to check out the module listing - it's quite exhaustive. Learn more. [...]

Master Class Recordings Released

Hi There, Trust you are doing well. You will be happy to know that Master Class recording for SQL Server Query Tuning and Optimization is now available. Total duration: 28 hours. You can subscribe and get instant access. Learn more. This 28-hour content is in-depth, comprehensive, demo-packed, and the learnings can be applied to production [...]

Query Tuning Training Next Week

Hi There, A lot of new SQL content and learning options announced. Please read carefully. #1 SQL Server Query Tuning & Optimization Master Class Recordings are now available. 28 hours of content. Learn more. #2 Query Tuning training coming up next week on April 28. No-cost. Block your seat and invite your team members too. [...]

SQL Performance Tuning Master Class starts Feb 14

Hi There, SQL Server Performance Tuning Master Class begins on Feb 14. This is all you need to become a performance tuning specialist. Talk to your manager and get sponsored. Learn more. #1 New SQL Video: What is Execution Time? Yeah, this is a bit tricky. Watch on SQLMaestros home page or directly jump to [...]

Query Tuning Training on Thursday (Jan 27)

Hi There, Jan 27, Thursday, is here. Query Tuning training. Do not miss. Register Here. #1 Take a glance at SQLMaestros Corporate Services. Learn More. #2 New SQL Videos: SQL Server Order By clause - A tricky behavior Estimates vs Actual Runtime Statistics Watch on SQLMaestros home page or directly jump to our video lobby. [...]

Query Tuning Training Next Week – Sign Up Now

Hi There, Loads of SQL content for you. #1 Ask your team members to join the Query Tuning training next week. Learn More. It costs nothing. Forward this email to your team members. #2 New SQL Videos: Index Usage Stats DMV gets reset SOS_Scheduler_Yield Wait Type Estimates vs Actual Runtime Statistics Watch on SQLMaestros home [...]


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