Implementing Microsoft Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

Business Analytics helps analyze data across different domains in an organization providing helpful business insights to measure current business performance and take important business decisions to improve business performance. In this 40-hour course you’ll build and deploy data warehouse solution for an imaginary company to help them analyze business performance and take future business decisions. The course has advanced coverage of SQL Server Multi-Dimensional model, Tabular Model, Power BI, SQL Server Integration Services and SQL Server Reporting Services. The course also covers Azure Machine Learning, HDInsight, Azure Data Factory, Azure Stream Analytics and Cortana Analytics suit for analyzing Bigdata. Overall, this is the most detailed, advanced & comprehensive training on SQL Server Business Intelligence and Analytics.

All Master Class participants will get a 1-month FREE subscription to SQLMaestros Hands-on-Labs. Apart from practicing course specific labs, participants will have access to the entire library during this period.

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Course Code PI_SQL_105
Course TitleImplementing Microsoft Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions
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Delivery FormatOnline (Instructor-led, synchronous) using GoToMeeting Platform. Learn more about our Online Delivery Model
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Level300-400 (Advanced to Expert)
Target AudienceThis course is intended for data developers, data management professional, data scientists who design business analytics solution with Microsoft Data Platform.
PrerequisitesYou need to have at least 1 to 2 years of genuine working experience with SQL Server BI and Analytics. This course is not for freshers
Trainer/InstructorSQLMaestros Trainer
Key Highlights:

  • The most advanced SQL Server Performance Tuning Workshop in India
  • 40 hours of deep-dive learning
  • Exclusive, level 300/400 content
  • Packed with real-world scenarios and examples
  • Get your own copy of SQLMaestros course material developed by SQLMaestros Trainer

Module 1:  Introduction

The Microsoft BI Ecosystem, Data Warehousing Concepts, Analysis Services Architecture: One Product Two Models, Choosing the Right Model for Your Project and more!

Module 2:  Multidimensional Model

Multidimensional Modelling

Dimensions, Cubes, Calculations, Currency Conversions, Common Calculations, Regular and Dynamic Name Sets, Measures and Measure Groups, Semi Additive and Non-Additive Measures, Creating Measure Group from Dimension Tables, Perspectives, KPIs, Actions and more!

Advanced Modelling

Aggregations, Interpreting, Building and Monitoring Aggregation Usage, Partitions Strategy, Partitions Slicing and Sizing, Hierarchies, Parent Child Hierarchies, Natural and Ragged Hierarchies, Unary Operators, Default Members, Custom Rollups, Referenced Relationships, Many-to-Many Relationships, Dimensions and Cell Writeback and more!

Deploying and Securing Multidimensional Model

Deployment Process, Storage Modes, Deployment Considerations, Attach and Detach Analysis Services Databases, Backup and Restore Analysis Services Databases, Move, Rename Analysis Services Databases, User Security, Roles and Permissions, Dimension Security, Cell Security, Administrator Security, Advanced Security, Dynamic Security, Parent Child Hierarchy Security, Writeback Security and more!

Accessing Data With MDX

MDX Key Concepts, MDX Fundamentals, MDX Scripting Fundamentals and more!

Performance Tuning and Optimization

Optimizing MDX, Enhancing Partition Processing Performance, Enhancing Dimension Processing Performance, Tuning Server Resources, Effective Cube Usage and Performance Monitoring and more!

Module 3:  Tabular Model& Power Pivot

Getting Started with The Tabular Model

Working with SQL Server Data Tools, Building A Simple Tabular Model, Querying A Tabular Model in Excel, Querying A Tabular Model in Power View and more!

Loading Data Inside Tabular

Understanding Data Sources, loading from SQL Server, Loading from Analysis Services, Loading from A Reporting Services Report, Loading from The Windows Azure Data Market, Loading from Web, Loading from CSV, Text, XML, Json and more!

Data Modelling in Tabular

Understanding Different Data Modelling Techniques, Working with Dimensional Models, Measures and Calculated Columns, Modelling with Direct Query Enabled, Using Views to Decouple from The Database, Basic Hierarchies, Parent and Child Hierarchies and more!

Using Advanced Tabular Relationships

Using Multicolumn Relationships, Using Many-to-Many Relationships, Implementing Basket Analysis, Querying Data Models with Advanced Relationships and more!

Querying Tabular Model – DAX

Defining Measures Inside Query, Parameters in DAX Query, Querying by Using MDX and more!

Evaluation Contexts

Filter context, Row context, Calculate and more!

Understanding xVelocity And DirectQuery

Tabular Model Architecture in Analysis Services, Query Execution in In-Memory Mode, Using DirectQuery and Hybrid Modes and more!

The Tabular Presentation Layer

Naming, Sorting, and Formatting, Perspectives, Power View–Related Properties, Drill-through, KPIs and more!

Deploying a Tabular Model

Sizing the Server Correctly, Automating Deployment to A Production Server, Table Partitioning, Processing Options, Processing Automation, DirectQuery Deployments and more!

Securing a Tabular Model

Roles, Administrative Security, Data Security, Dynamic Security, Advanced Authentication Scenarios, Monitoring Security and more!

Module 4:  SQL Server Integration Services

SSIS Architecture

Packages, Control Flow, Data Flow, Variables and Parameters, Error handling, Logging, Connections Managers, Event handlers, Package Mode v/s Project Mode and more!!!

SSIS Packages

Using Variables, Using Parameters, Using Expressions, Data Types and Casting and more!!!

SSIS Tasks

Precedence Constraints, Looping and Sequence tasks, Scripting Task, Data Preparation Tasks, RDBMS, tasks, Server Administration Tasks and more!!!

Data Flow

Data Paths, Data Viewers, Sources and Destinations, Blocking and non-blocking transformations, performing lookups, Using Caching functionalities, Common transformations, Script Transform and more!!!

Optimizing Data Flow

Optimizing Data Extraction, Using SET based logic, Using CDC / Change Tracking, Optimizing data loading, Using RAW files, Memory Buffer architecture, Execution trees, Database snapshots, Using MERGE operator and more!!!

Reliability and Scalability

Checkpoints, Transactions, Multi package transactions, Error outputs, Scaling out options and more!!!

Deploying Packages

Using the SSIS catalog, Executing packages using command line utilities, Using Environments, Using Data Taps, Securing the SSIS catalog,Scheduling packages, Proxy accounts, Monitoring package executions, Custom reporting and more!!!

Module 5:  SQL Server Reporting Services

Introduction to SSRS

Architecture, Basic report components, Data sources, Datasets,Shared data sources and datasets

Basic Report Development

Report Items, Data Regions, Tables, Matrix, Lists, Tablix, Working with Row and column groups, Static columns and rows, Adjacent and child groups, Parameterizing reports, Cascading parameters and Drill down and drill-through


Introduction to Expression syntax, Placeholders, Global collections, Fields and Datasets collection, Expression usage, Conditional formatting, Aggregate functions, Report variables and more!!!

Working with multiple reports

Drill through reports, Linking reports, Sub Reports and more!!!

Data Visualization

Chart types, Chart data pane and elements, Data bars, Sparklines, Gauges, Indicators, Maps and spatial data types, Map layers, Map elements and viewport properties, Scale breaks, Empty points, Calculated series, Secondary axis, Multiple chart types and areas and more!!!

Controlling Page Layout

Controlling page rendering, Render Formats, Pagination and Page breaks, Page Headers and footers, Interactive sorting, Fixed headers, Tooltips, Document maps, Bookmarks and more!!!

Report Deployment

Deploying reports, RS Utility and Report Parts

Reports Administration

Data source configuration, Report Execution using URL Access, Caching, Scheduling reports, Snapshots, Subscriptions, Securing reports and more!!!

Module 6:  Power BI

Introduction to Power BI

Power BI – The Self-Service BI, Power BI Service, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Mobile Apps, Power BI Developer, Datasets, Reports, Dashboard and more!

Power BI Desktop

Introduction, Data Sources, ETL in Power BI Desktop, Transform Data with Queries, Data Modelling in Power BI Desktop, Relationships, Calculated Columns and Calculated Tables, Measures, DAX in Power BI Desktop, Data Categorization, Visualizations and Reporting, Power BI Online and more!

Power BI Service

Connect to Available Content Packs/Services, All About Power BI Dashboards, Question Your Data, Sharing Dashboards, Queries and Reports, Data Refresh, Create and publish your/Organization Content Packs, Connect to Available Content Packs/Services, All About Power BI Dashboards, Question Your Data, Sharing Dashboards, Queries and Reports, Data Refresh, Create and publish your/Organization Content Packs and more!

Managing Power BI

Coverage Includes: Power BI Administration, Gateways and more!

Power BI Developer

Introduction, Power BI Rest API, Integrate Tile into an Application, Custom Visuals and more!

Power BI Mobile Apps

Coverage Includes: Introduction, iPad App, iPhone App, Android App, Windows App and more!

Module 7:  Azure Intelligence + Analytics

Azure Storage

Introduction, blob, queue, table and file storage, working with blob storage, transfer, manage and secure Azure Storage, monitor and troubleshoot Azure Storage and more!!!

Azure Data Lake Store

Overview, ingesting, processing, visualizing and downloading data from the Azure Data Lake store, copy data, integrating data lake store with azure services, building applications with Azure data lake and more!!!

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Overview, creating and managing Azure SQL DW, Integration with Azure ecosystem, loading, migration, performance and more!!!

Cortana Intelligence Suite

Overview, dataflow and architecture, Azure Event Hub, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Catalog, Reporting, Excel, Power BI, Azure Data lake store, Azure SQL data warehouse service, preconfigured solutions, customer implementations and more!!!

Azure HDInsight Overview

BigData Overview, Hadoop Overview, HDInsight components, Hive, Pig, Apache Storm, Apache Spark, kafka preview, Hadoop sandbox and more!!!

Azure HDInsight Applications

Real time analytics with HDInsight Apache Storm and Power BI, Predictive analytics with R on Spark on HDInsight and more!!!

Azure Machine Learning

Machine Learning overview, Azure ML studio, creating a predictive solution with Azure ML, tools and utilities and more!!!

Azure Search

Overview, getting started with Azure search, create service, create index, add data, plan and design, manage and more!!!

Azure Stream Analytics

Overview, real time fraud detection with Azure Stream Analytics and more!!!

Azure Data Factory

Introduction, datasets, pipelines, activities, scheduling, creating pipeline to transform data and more!!!

Business Analytics is an essential component of successful modern businesses. Analysing data across different domains in an organization provides with helpful insights to measure current business performance and plan to improve future performance. Microsoft SQL Server is a top notch offering when it comes to business analytics and is a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics. This 40-hour course teaches you to build a data warehouse from scratch for SQLMaestros. You’ll gather requirements, design data warehouse schema in Microsoft SQL Server, write ETL to load data into the data warehouse using SQL Server Integration Services. You’ll then design dimensions, measure, cubes to help SQLMaestros management analyse their business using SQL Server Analysis Services – multidimensional and tabular model. You’ll also prepare a reporting solution with SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI. You’ll make use Azure HDInsight, Machine learning, R Services, Azure data factory, Azure Data Warehouse, Azure Analysis Services and Azure Stream Analytics to analyse bigdata and design real time reporting solutions. Note that this 40-hour class is rigorous and deep-dive!The course is packed with Hands-On-Labs powered by

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