Creating a Database Deployment Pipeline Using DevOps Processes (Online)

This Master Class will be delivered by Hamish Watson

Friendly Title Database DevOps
Class TitleCreating a Database Deployment Pipeline Using DevOps Processes
TrainerHamish Watson (New Zealand)
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Delivery Type Online
Delivery Format
  • Total 8 hours
  • Two consecutive days
  • 5 hours each day with one-hour break in between
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  • Knowledge of SQL Server
  • Knowledge of TSQL
  • Everything else will be explained and demonstrated
  • Key Highlights
  • Being able to get your database into source control easily
  • Being able to automate the deployment of changes to your databases
  • Being able to reliably deploy changes to your databases
  • Being able to implement unit testing for your databases
  • Takeaways
  • Understand what DevOps is and how it can improve the quality of your software
  • Understand the challenges of database development using DevOps.
  • Understand Test Driven Development and it can be applied to database code.
  • Understand how to implement a Continuous Delivery process for databases using industry standard tools.
  • Understand how to build a fully automated deployment pipeline with containers.
  • Course Outline
  • Module 1: Introduce DevOps principles
  • Module 2: Database Lifecycle Management, source control and connecting a database to it
  • Module 3: Infrastructure as Code, Test Driven Development & Continuous Integration – building databases from code and automating builds using source control
  • Module 4: How to implement Continuous Delivery across multiple staging environments
  • Module 5: Using Containers and Azure in a database deployment pipeline
  • Module 6: Creating a Database Deployment Pipeline with various DevOps tools
  • Demos
  • Demo 1 – Adding a database to Source Control
  • Demo 2 – Creating Continuous Integration Build pipeline
  • Demo 3 – Creating Unit Tests in SQL Server
  • Demo 4 – Looking at Infrastructure as Code
  • Demo 5 – Automated Unit Tests in Continuous Integration
  • Demo 6 – Creating Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • Demo 7 – Different industry tools that achieve DevOps for Databases
  • Trainer’s BioHamish is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP with a passion for efficient database & application deployments using DevOps methodologies.
    He has formed his own company – Morph iT – based in Christchurch, New Zealand and provides consultancy services for SQL Masters Consulting – who are based in Brisbane, Australia.
    He has 20 years IT experience in managing and deploying large scale databases on SQL Server technologies. He has been managing SQL Server since SQL Server 2000 and pragmatic approaches to delivering business value to end users is his career passion.
    Educating and helping others learn is a driver for Hamish and he is a PASS Chapter Leader, International speaker and a repeat guest lecturer at a local university.

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