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Here is another popular lab from Hands-On-Lab library: Analyzing Minimally Logged Operations in SQL Server.

Inserting lot of records at once in SQL Server not only generates lot of transaction log records but also slows down performance because of exclusive locks being held for long time on the table the data is being inserted. In order to make the insertion faster SQL Server comes with a concept called minimal logging which reduces the possibility of filling up the transactional logs at the time of bulk operations. Minimally logged operations log metadata changes and extent allocation changes only. This lab is divided into two exercises. In the first exercise, we will learn what are minimal logged operations and how to capture logged operations. In the second exercise, we will learn to analyze the minimally logged operations in case on INSERT INTO and SELECT INTO statements.

Exercise 1: Minimally Logged Operations and How to Capture the Logged Operations
Exercise 2: Analyzing Minimally Logged Operations

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