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Here is another popular lab from Hands-On-Lab library: Auditing in SQL Server

SQL Server auditing allows users to audit everything that happens to the server, from the server, setting changes to who modified a value in a specific table in the database. This information is then written to the Windows security log, the Windows application log or to a flat file. SQL Server audit lets us create server audits, which can contain server audit specifications for server level events and database audit specifications for database level events. The first exercise is explaining about how to configure the audits. The second exercise is explaining about how to audit SQL server using policy based management. The third exercise is explaining about importing and exporting audits as policies and conditions.

Exercise 1: Configuring Audits
Exercise 2: Auditing in SQL Server using Policy-based management
Exercise 3: Importing and Exporting the Audits as Policies and Conditions

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