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Here is another popular lab from Hands-On-Lab library: Inserting Data in SQL Server.

In Transact-SQL (T-SQL) INSERT allows us to add one or more rows into a table. In this lab we’ll learn different ways to insert data into a SQL Server table. In first exercise we will learn to insert a single new row into a table. In second exercise we will learn to insert multiple rows into a table. In third exercise we will learn to insert data from a SELECT query. In fourth exercise we will learn to insert data using EXEC. In fifth exercise we will learn to insert the values using SELECT INTO. In sixth exercise we will learn to import data using BULK INSERT. In seventh exercise we will learn to insert records into IDENTITY column. In eighth exercise we will learn to insert values using SEQUENCE object. Ninth exercise is a Self-Assessment, where a problem is given and you need to solve on your own. Tenth exercise presents the TSQL challenge that needs to be solved (slightly tougher than Self-Assessment).

Exercise 1: INSERT a new row into a table
Exercise 2: INSERT multiple rows into a table
Exercise 3: INSERT data from a SELECT query
Exercise 4: INSERT data using EXEC
Exercise 5: INSERT the values using SELECT INTO
Exercise 6: Import data using BULK INSERT
Exercise 7: INSERT records into IDENTITY column
Exercise 8: INSERT values using SEQUENCE object
Exercise 9: Self-Assessment
Exercise 10: T-SQL Challenge

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