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Here is another popular lab from Hands-On-Lab library: SQL Server Data Encryption.

In SQL Server 2000 and earlier, SQL Server did not provide any means of encrypting data at the database level. The encryption, if required were implemented at the application level. In SQL server 2005, column-level (also called cell-level) encryption was introduced. This provided the capability to encrypt the data at the column level in the database.
SQL Server 2008 introduced a new form of database encryption: Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). The purpose of TDE is to prevent scenarios in which the physical media (such as database files or backups) containing sensitive data are stolen and then read by attaching the database files or restoring the backups.
This lab comprises of three exercises. In the first exercise, we will learn about column level encryption. In the second exercise, we will learn to implement Transparent Data Encryption(TDE). In the third and final exercise, we will learn to restore the database encrypted using Transparent Data Encryption(TDE).

Exercise 1: Column Level Encryption using different pairs of functions
Exercise 2: Implementing Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
Exercise 3: Restore a Transparent Data Encryption(TDE) enabled database

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