Independent Modules from ‘SQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track’

We recommend that you opt for the full course, ‘SQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track’ Video Course. However, if you wish to subscribe only for some select modules, you may do so from this page. Please note that the modules are directly from the said course. So for any module you choose, you will receive that module (lecture & demos) + Module 0 + Module 7 (just for the sake of completeness and good learning experience).

‘SQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track’ Video Course has six modules comprising of close to 50 demos, all from the real-world. For the module you subscribe to, you will get all the demo scripts for that module and PDF version of the content.

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Instructor: Amit R S Bansal

Total Duration: Depends on the module.

Delivery Format: Video. Stream anywhere, anytime, any device, as many times.

Pre-Requisite: You need to have at least one year of genuine SQL Server experience.

Course Outline & Duration Breakup – View Online | Download

Independent Modules that you can subscribe to:

  Module 1: Performance Troubleshooting Methodology

  Total Duration: 82 Mins 7 Secs

  Regular Price: $99 USD(Yearly Subscription)

  Discounted Price: $39 USD (Lifetime Access)

  • Where Shall I Begin?
  • An Ocean Within An Ocean
  • Installation & Configuration Best Practices
  • Performance Monitoring, Benchmarking & Baselining
  • Developing a Performance Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Tools & Utilities
  • Demos
  • Summary

  Module 2: Wait Statistics

  Total Duration: 2 Hrs 19 Mins 57 Secs

  Regular Price: $149 USD (Yearly Subscription)

  Discounted Price: $69 USD (Lifetime Access)

  • Query Execution
  • Waiting & Queuing
  • Putting It Together
  • Working With Wait Stats
  • Common Wait Types
  • System Wait Types
  • CXPACKET Wait Type
  • Demos
  • Summary

  Module 3: The Awesome Foursome – CPU, Memory, IO, Tempdb

  Total Duration: 3 Hrs 31 Mins 30 Secs

  Regular Price: $199 USD (Yearly Subscription)

  Discounted Price: $109 USD (Lifetime Access)

  • A Classic Example
  • CPU Troubleshooting
  • Memory Troubleshooting
  • IO Troubleshooting
  • Tempdb Troubleshooting
  • Demos
  • Summary

  Module 4: Query Tuning

  Total Duration: 3 Hrs 57 Mins 53 Secs

  Regular Price: $199 USD (Yearly Subscription)

  Discounted Price: $109 USD (Lifetime Access)

  • Understanding Execution Plan
  • Statistics & Cardinality Estimation
  • Query Tuning
    • The Bad Bookmark Lookups
    • Expensive Sorts
    • Implicit Conversion
    • Non-SARGability
    • Stale Statistics
    • Parameter Sniffing
    • Re-Writing T-SQL
  • Query Store (SQL 2016)
  • Automatic Query Tuning (SQL 2017)
  • Intelligent Query Processing (SQL 2017 & 2019)
  • Demos
  • Summary

  Module 5: Index Tuning

  Total Duration: 2 Hrs 18 Mins 49 Secs

  Regular Price: $149 USD(Yearly Subscription)

  Discounted Price: $69 USD (Lifetime Accessn)

  • Indexing Architecture
  • Index Fragmentation
  • Indexing Guidelines
  • Index Tuning
  • Identifying Missing Indexes
  • Identifying Unused Indexes
  • Demos
  • Summary

  Module 6: Concurrency Troubleshooting

  Total Duration: 1 Hrs 32 Mins 54 Secs

  Regular Price: $99 USD (Yearly Subscription)

  Discounted Price: $39 USD(Lifetime Access)

  • Data Modification & Concurrency Architecture
  • Isolation Levels
  • Troubleshooting Blocking
  • Best Practices
  • Troubleshooting Deadlocks
  • Best Practices
  • Demos
  • Summary


Module 0 & Module 7 will be automatically added to your subscription. You will not see it in the cart, but will see in the course page.

Module 0: Introduction

  • Before You Begin
  • Modules
  • Demo Setup
  • What Not To Expect
  • What To Expect
  • How To Get The Best Out Of This Course

Module 7: Wrap Up

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