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    Azure Machine Learning by Ginger Grant (Ginger is from USA)R Programming by Steph Locke (Steph is from UK)Reporting Services by Dr. Greg Low (Dr. Greg is from Australia)Integration Services by Andy Leonard (Andy is from USA)Database DevOps by Hamish Watson (Hamish is from New Zealand)Getting Started with ML and Python by Damian Widera (Damian is from Poland)SQL Server Practical Performance Tuning by Amit Bansal (Amit is from India)T-SQL Querying for Beginners by Satya Ramesh (Satya is from India)Speeding Up SQL Server Queries by Amit Bansal (Amit is from India)SQL Server Security by Dr. Greg Low (Dr. Greg is from Australia)Deep Dive into Indexes by Dr. Greg Low (Dr. Greg is from Australia)Power BI by Peter Myers (Peter is from Australia)Bots & Cognitive Services (AI) by Steph Locke (Steph is from UK)Powershell for DBAs by Anthony Nocentino (Anthony is from USA)SQL Server Machine Learning Services by Niels Berglund (Niels is from South Africa)A Game of Hierarchies: Master Hierarchies & Graphs in SQL Server by Markus Ehrenmueller (Markus is from Austria)Learn to build a Chatbot in a day from start to finish by Anupama Natarajan (Anupama is from New Zealand)SQL Server AdministrationAzure SQL DatabasePython ProgrammingSQL Server On LinuxPowershell for SQL Server ProfessionalsText AnalyticsAzure Cosmos DBAzure SQL DatawarehouseAzure Data BricksBig Data In a DayAzure Data BricksAzure SQL Managed InstanceAzure Data Factory

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