Implementing Microsoft Azure Data Platform Services

Cloud computing is the most happening technology today. Most enterprises have either migrated to cloud or are in the process for some or all of their important mission critical applications. This 40-hour course is designed to give you the right amount of knowledge to design and implement cloud data platform solutions. The course has advanced coverage of designing, implementing, managing, securing, automating SQL Server on Azure VM and Azure SQL Database deployments. The course also covers Azure SQL Data Warehouse and DocumentDB. The course will help you to prepare for Microsoft Certification 70-473, Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions. Overall, this is the most detailed, advanced & comprehensive training on Azure Data Platform.

All Master Class participants will get a 1-month FREE subscription to SQLMaestros Hands-on-Labs. Apart from practicing course specific labs, participant’s will have access to the entire library during this period.

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Course Code PI_SQL_104
Course TitleImplementing Microsoft Azure Data Platform Services
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Delivery FormatIn-Person (Classroom-based). Learn more about our In-Person Delivery Model
Date, Time & DurationTo Be Announced Later

List PriceTo Be Announced Later
Level300-400 (Advanced to Expert)
Target AudienceThis course is intended for SQL Server Database Administrators, Application Developers, SQL Database Engineers, SQL Architects and Cloud Solution Architects.
PrerequisitesThis course requires that participants have at least 1 to 2 years of genuine experience with SQL Server database engine. This course is not meant for Fresher
Trainer/InstructorSQLMaestros Trainer
Key Highlights:

  • The most advanced Microsoft Azure Data Platform Services.
  • 40 hours of deep-dive learning
  • Exclusive, level 300/400 content
  • Packed with real-world scenarios and examples
  • Get your own copy of SQLMaestros course material developed by SQLMaestros Trainer

Module 1:  Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Introduction to cloud computing, service models, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service, software as a service, azure services, networking, compute offerings, data management offerings, developer services, backup, identity and access, azure architecture and more!!!

Module 2:   Azure Storage

Coverage Includes: Storage types, Blob Storage, Table Storage, Queue and File Storage, premium storage, best practices, Azure storage architecture internals and more!!!

Module 3:  Azure Networking

Introduction to Azure Networking, Site-to-Site and Point-To-Site Connections, Azure AD Connect, Traffic Manager, Virtual Private Network, load balancer, DNS and more!!!

Module 4:  Deploying SQL Server on Azure VMs

Provision SQL Server in an Azure VM, configure firewall rules, configure and optimize storage, migrate an on-premises database to Microsoft Azure, configure and optimize VM sizes by workload, automated deployment and configuration management, virtual machine networking and more!!!

Module 5:  Securing SQL Server on Azure VM

Configure firewalls, manage logins, users and roles, assign permissions, configure auditing, configure transparent database encryption and more!!!

Module 6:   Performance Tuning SQL Server on Azure VMs

Monitor database and instance activity, monitor using dynamic management views (DMVs) and dynamic management functions (DMFs), monitor performance and scalability, Data Files on Azure Blobs, Operational Insights, understanding performance, tempdb, database settings, data disks, storage, network, compute, best practices and more!!!

Module 7:  SQL Server Backup to Azure Storage

Managed backups, snapshot backups, native backups, securing backups and more!!!

Module 8:  SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery for SQL Server on Azure VM

Implementing high availability solution using Configuring Always On Availability groups, database mirroring, implementing disaster recovery solution using Always On, Availability groups, database mirroring, backup and restore with storage blobs, hybrid disaster recovery solutions using Always On Availability groups, database mirroring, log shipping, and backup and restore to Azure Blob Storage and more!!!

Module 9:  Implementing Hybrid Solution

Hybrid model architecture, backups to Azure Storage, Smart Backups, SQL Server files in Azure Storage, Always On Configuration on Azure VM and more!!!

Module 10:  Introduction to Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database Architecture, Tenant and Control ring, service tiers, management tools and more!!!

Module 11:  Design and Implement an Azure SQL Database

Design a solution architecture, design Geo/DR topology, design a security architecture, design a data load strategy, determine the appropriate service tier, Provision SQL Database, configure firewall rules, configure active geo-replication, configure for scale and performance and more!!!

Module 12:  Migrating to Azure SQL Database

Test and fix compatibility issues, migrate using SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio, SqlPackage, SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Azure Migration Wizard, transactional replication, data sync and copy database and more!!!

Module 13:  Securing Azure SQL Database

Configure firewalls, manage logins, users, and roles, assign permissions, configure auditing, configure row-level security, configure data encryption, configure data masking, configure Always Encrypted and more!!!

Module 14:  Monitoring and Tuning Azure SQL Database

Understanding DTUs, choosing the performance level, monitor Azure SQL Database using Azure Portal, DMVs and Catalog Views and Extended Events, Index Advisor, Query Performance Insights and more!!!

Module 15:  Azure SQL Database In-Memory Optimization

In-Memory OLTP tables, indexes, internals, performance benefits, usage scenarios, Clustered Columnstore Indexes, Non-Clustered Columnstore Indexes, In-Memory OLTP and Columnstore Indexes and more!!!

Module 16:  Scaling Azure SQL Database

Horizontal and Vertical Scaling, Sharding, Multi-Tenancy and Single-Tenancy, elastic tools, elastic database client library, split-merge tool, elastic database jobs, elastic database query, elastic transactions and more!!!

Module 17:  Azure SQL Database High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Coverage Includes: Automatic Backups, Local redundancy, Point-In-Time Restore, Geo-Restore, Geo-Replication, SQL Server Replication and more!!

Module 18:  SQL Server Stretch Database

Concepts, benefit, architecture, configuration, management, limitation of Stretch Database

Module 19:  Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Overview, creating and managing Azure SQL DW, Integration with Azure ecosystem, loading, migration, performance and more!!!

Module 20:  Automation and Management of SQL Databases with PowerShell

Manage SQL Server in Azure VMs with PowerShell, manage Azure SQL Database with PowerShell, configure Automation and Runbooks.

Module 21:  DocumentDB

Overview, creating database, collections, inserting, updating and deleting data, migrating data from sql server, csv and JSON to DocumentDB, common use cases, building applications with DocumentDB and more!!!

Cloud computing is a hot technology now days. Most of the enterprises have either migrated to cloud or working on the migration for some or all of their important mission critical applications. This course, designed for SQL Server Database Administrator (On Premise) will provide a thorough understanding of designing, implementing, managing, monitoring and tuning cloud data platform solutions. The 40-hour course offers a comprehensive coverage on Designing and Implementing Azure SQL Server on VM and Azure SQL Databases, Azure Storage, Azure Networking, Securing Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Server on VM, High Availability and Disaster Recovery on Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Server on VM, Monitor, troubleshoot and tune Azure SQL Database and SQL Server on Azure VMs and automate Azure SQL Database deployment and SQL Server on Azure VMs. The course also teaches you about Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Stretch DB and Document DB. The course will also prepare you for Microsoft Certification 70-473, Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions. Note that this 40-hour class is rigorous and deep-dive! The course is packed with Hands-On-Labs powered by

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