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Abstract: Wait Types are the gateway to troubleshooting performance issues in SQL Server. When your workload is waiting for a resource, the SQL Server engine captures it. This ‘waiting’ is referred to as the ‘slowness’. All you need to do is ask the engine for more information, and it will give you the details of what your query was waiting for. All of a sudden, query tuning seems easier. But hold on, there are more than one thousand wait types and the captured data is overwhelming. Before you skydive, you need to have a solid understanding of the wait types architecture and the stats data. Join Microsoft Certified Master, Amit Bansal, for this four-part series, where he will take you from the basics to the advanced level. He will cover the fundamentals, the architecture, the lifecycle, the baselining, and benchmarking techniques, and many common and uncommon wait types that you need to focus on. After attending all four webinars, you will have a solid grasp of ‘Waits’ in SQL Server. You will know the process and be ready to skydive.
(This is Part 1).