SQL Server Health Check


A healthy SQL Server environment is critical for your business. At some point, your SQL Server deployments will show signs of performance degradation and the reasons could be manifold. You need to be proactive in identifying, diagnosing & fixing the performance issues before your business starts crippling. If your SQL Server deployments are not performing good or if you have seen early signs of performance degradation, SQLMaestros can help you with a thorough health check. We not only help you identify the issues, we fix them too and you can see improvements instantly. We also train your people along the way as part of our health check methodology. To know more drop us an email at contact@sqlmaestros.com.


SQL Server Health Check service can be an offline or and online service. In offline mode, our SME travels onsite and performs the activity. In online mode, all activities are performed remotely making it a more cost effective option.
Step 1: We collect performance data. We use a few tools, custom scripts & jobs to collect performance data over a period of time.
Step 2: We export the collected data to our environment.
Step 3: We analyse the data using our proprietary techniques and identify performance bottlenecks.
Step 4: We chalk-out diagnosis & fixes and recommend them to you.
Step 5: You implement the fixes or our SME does it for you.

Performance Data Collection & Analysis includes but no limited to: Windows OS performance metrics, SQL Server instance configuration check, database file placement, Tempdb configuration & optimization, indexing strategies, concurrency bottlenecks, deadlock analysis, workload analysis, database design optimization, Error Log analysis, CPU/Memory/IO usage & patterns and database properties analysis.

We work very closely with the stakeholders and the customer team to ensure that we execute a successful health check. To know more drop us an email at contact@sqlmaestros.com.

Next Steps?

Email us at contact@sqlmaestros.com to learn more. We can get on a call to understand what your needs are. The first 30-min introductory call is absolutely free. No strings attached.

For more details on SQL Server Health Checks, write to us at contact[at]sqlmaestros[dot]com or contact us here

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