SQL Server Integration Services (Online)

This Master Class will be delivered by Andy Leonard

Friendly Title SQL Server Integration Services
Class TitleSSIS Master Class
TrainerAndy Leonard (USA)
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Delivery Type Online
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  • Total 8 hours
  • Two consecutive days
  • 5 hours each day with one-hour break in between
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    Pre-requisites Familiarity with SQL Server, database object (tables, stored procedures, etc.) creation, familiarity with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) or other data integration platforms (Informatica, DataStage, etc.).
    Key Highlights
  • Introduction to Biml (Business Intelligence Markup Language)
  • SSIS Design Patterns for Performance
  • Managing the Enterprise Data Integration Lifecycle
  • Takeaways
  • Faster SSIS by design
  • Automate repetitive SSIS development using Biml
  • Introduction to DevOps with SSIS
  • Course Outline
  • Automate SSIS Development
    • Introduction to Biml
    • Three Biml Demos
  • SSIS Design Patterns: Performance
    • SSIS Data Flow Internals
    • Three SSIS Design Pattern Demos
  • DevOps with SSIS
    • Execution Patterns
    • Introduction to Custom SSIS Execution Frameworks
  • Three Biml Demos:
    • Your First Biml Package
    • Build an Incremental Loader
    • Build a Staging Solution in Minutes
  • Three SSIS Design Pattern Demos:
    • Loading Blobs (Binary Large Objects)
    • Incremental Loads
    • One Pattern for Loading the Cloud
  • DevOps Demos:
    • SSIS Execution Patterns
    • Designing a custom SSIS Execution Framework
    Trainer’s BioAndy Leonard is founder and Chief Data Engineer at Enterprise Data & Analytics, creator of the DILM (Data Integration Lifecycle Management) Suite, an SSIS Trainer, Consultant, and developer, a Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml) developer and BimlHero, SQL Server database and data warehouse developer, community mentor, engineer, and farmer. He is a co-author of The Biml Book and SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns and author of Managing Geeks – A Journey of Leading by Doing, Data Integration Lifecycle Management with SSIS, Building Custom Tasks for SSIS, and the Stairway to Integration Services. Andy blogs at andyleonard.blog where you can learn more on the About Andy page. He may be followed on Twitter @AndyLeonard.
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