SQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track (Class Recordings)

Recording duration: 8 hours
On-demand lifetime streaming access

One fine day you realize that you have to start tuning SQL Server for better performance. The need might have arisen from a recent performance issue, or the barrage of support tickets that are filling your inbox, or maybe your boss assigned this to you after realizing that SQL Server performance troubleshooting is not his cup of tea. Irrespective of the reason, the challenge is upon you to identify, diagnose and fix a variety of performance issues that are plaguing your SQL Server environment.

Performance troubleshooting can be categorized as proactive, real-time & reactive. If a well-defined methodology is followed during the proactive phase, you will have less fire-fighting during the real-time troubleshooting phase and you will have a lot of meaningful performance data to work within the reactive phase, which will further help you in preventing performance cases.

Join this demo-filled, 8-hour class, where you will learn the three approaches of SQL Server performance troubleshooting & tuning. You will learn the practical way, exactly like how you would troubleshoot in the real world with lots of code and scripts. Amongst many takeaways, here are some interesting ones:

• Develop a performance troubleshooting methodology for the real-world
• Learn how to benchmark and baseline (and also take away a framework, ready-to-use)
• Analyzing and troubleshooting common wait types
• Proactive, reactive, and real-time CPU troubleshooting
• Troubleshooting IO performance bottlenecks
• Tracking SQL Server memory consumption and fixing OOM errors
• Dealing with Tempdb madness
• Top 6 query tuning techniques that will solve 75% of performance issues (real-world query tuning)
• Top 3 indexing strategies that will fix 60% indexing woes
• Get rid of deadlocks (yes, you hear it right)
• SQL Server 2019 performance enhancements

In total, there will be six modules comprising more than 50 demos, all from the real world. Yes, a lot of content, and the class will be fast-paced. The pre-con will focus on recent versions of SQL Server. All demos will be shown on SQL Server 2019. You will walk away with all the demo scripts, most of them being production-ready. You will also get a PDF version of the content.

Friendly TitleSQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track
Class TitleSQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track
TrainerAmit Bansal
PriceUSD 99 199 (use Discount Code: RECORD50)

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AccessOn-demand lifetime streaming access
LevelIntermediate to Advanced (Level 200 to 300)
Pre-requisitesAt least two years of genuine working experience with SQL Server
Key Highlights
  • On-demand lifetime streaming access.
  • Most critical topics covered.
  • 8 hours of deep practical content.
  • True level 200-300 content.
  • Gain real-world knowledge, get real-world exposure.
  • Get your own copy of SQLMaestros course material + Scripts.
  • Packed with real-world demos and examples.
  • Apply your learning into production right away.
  • Practice Labs/Demos at your own pace
Course OutlineModule 1: Core Concepts

    • Query Lifecycle
    • Connections -> Sessions -> Requests -> Tasks -> Workers -> Threads
    Common Wait Types in SQL Server, identification & diagnosis

Module 2: The Foursome – CPU, Memory, IO & Tempdb

    • Identifying, troubleshooting & tuning workload patterns that cause excessive CPU
    • Identifying, troubleshooting & tuning workload patterns that cause excessive Memory Usage
    • Identifying, troubleshooting & tuning workload patterns that cause excessive IO
    Identifying, troubleshooting & tuning workload patterns that cause excessive Tempdb usage

Module 3: Query Execution & Query Plan Analysis

    • Statistics & Cardinality Estimation
    • Reading & Analysing Execution Plans
    Important Iterators

Module 4: Index Tuning

    • Demystifying Common Myths with Indexes
    • Indexing Strategies
    • Index Fragmentation
    Real-World Index Tuning Examples

Module 5: Query Tuning

    • Rewriting Transact-SQL
    • Dealing with Implicit Conversions
    • Sargability
    • Solving Parameter Sniffing Issues
    Parametrization Best Practices

Module 6: Dealing with Deadlocks

    • Common Deadlock Types
    • Deadlock Best Practices
    Practical Deadlock Troubleshooting & Diagnosis
Trainer’s BioAmit R S Bansal is a SQL Server Specialist at SQLMaestros (brand of eDominer Systems). He leads the SQL and BI practice with a much-focused team providing consulting, training and content development services to more than 160+ SQL customers globally. He frequently speaks at international conferences including Data Platform Summit, MS Ignite (US), SQLBits (UK), PASS Summit (US) & SQL Saturday events across the globe. Amit is also honored with Microsoft Regional Director status, MVP award and Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server credential. Amit has been working with SQL Server since 1999 and has been part of countless mission critical SQL deployments. Performance Tuning in SQL Server is his core area of expertise. His videos are available on YouTube. To learn more about Amit, Click Here
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