SQL Server Performance Tuning Lab Kit Volume 1

SQL Server Performance Tuning Lab Kit Volume 1 is packaged with multiple labs that help DBAs & DEVs upskill their performance tuning skills, in a practical way. Each lab document consists of multiple exercises and each exercise consists of multiple tasks. Apart from step-by-step instructions, the HoL document contains images, explanations, observations, notes, tips & tricks to ensure a great learning experience. With each lab, you can practice a specific tuning skill, step-by-step.

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Author: Amit R S Bansal

Total Labs in the Kit: 13

Level: Basic to Intermediate (Level 100 to 200)

Delivery Format: PDF. Own the labs (and scripts) for a lifetime. The best way to learn is to do it yourself.

Pre-Requisite: You need to have at least one year of genuine SQL Server experience to gain maximum from this kit.

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Lab TitleDownload
Troubleshooting PAGEIOLATCH Wait Type


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Lab Kit Content

Lab 1: Reviewing and Fixing Power Plan Configuration
Lab 2: Troubleshooting PAGEIOLATCH Wait Type
Lab 3: Capturing Wait Stats Using Extended Events
Lab 4: Proactive CPU Troubleshooting
Lab 5: Tracking Memory Consumption
Lab 6: Understanding Query Performance Issues Using Execution Plans (Common Plan Iterators/Operators)
Lab 7: Query Tuning – Fixing Implicit Conversion
Lab 8: Query Tuning – Fixing Non-SARGability
Lab 9: Index Tuning – Removing Bookmark Lookups
Lab 10: Index Tuning – Index for Joins
Lab 11: Fixing Deadlocks Part 1
Lab 12: Computing IO Latency
Lab 13: Tracking Tempdb Usage

SQL Server Performance Tuning Lab Kit Vol 1

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