Friends, here is another SQL Server assignment, successfully completed for one of our esteemed clients. As usual, wonderful training experience with the participants. I am always lucky to find energetic folks inside my class. My attendees add loads of value to the delivery & overall training with great questions and excellent participation. I thoroughly enjoyed and made new friends :)- Thanks to the attendees and my client! Happy SQL Server Learning!

Read a more detailed version of the Master Class experience – in the words of the participants!


Random feedback from attendees

Feed back from Remya S, 11 December 2015


“One of the good training which I have attended. Understanding on internals help on troubleshooting the performance issues (Which so far I was doing not in the right way).”

– Remya S


Feed back from P Ponraj , 11 December 2015


“Really useful. Real time implementation.”

– P Ponraj


Feed back from Sunil Kumar Anna, 11 December 2015


“Very use full to apply in my environment to fix and troubleshoot performance issues.”

– Sunil Kumar Anna


Feed back from Renuka Ramanathan, 11 December 2015


“Lot of new & interesting facts on SQL Server was exposed. New learning experience with superb hands on demos.”

– Renuka Ramanathan


Feed back from Suresh Bandla , 11 December 2015


“I loved it.”

– Suresh Bandla


Feed back from Gopalakrishnan Arthanarisamy, 11 December 2015


“The demo scripts could have been arranged one by one so that if we practice later it will be very helpful.”

– Gopalakrishnan Arthanarisamy


Feed back from Yashwanth Y C, 11 December 2015


“Training cleared lot of doubts & misconceptions I had before learned lot of new concepts which I can apply already on work. Venue was too congested.”

– Yashwanth Y C


Feed back from Prabu Jaganadan, 11 December 2015


“Training was good but 5 day was really short time to grab all the into. If the demo was organized in better way will be helpful.”

– Prabu Jaganadan


Feed back from Ajit Kumar, 11 December 2015


“Nice training module it give us insight of SQL Server and taken to improve our skills and our views.”

– Ajit Kumar


Feed back from Ashok Babu Pudota, 11 December 2015


“Overall its very good to be part of SQL Master class with Mr. Amit Bansal. Hope this will help me in day to day activities.”

– Ashok Babu Pudota


Feed back from Jayakumar Narasingam, 11 December 2015


“Its really empowering and eye opener looking forward crack bottlenecks with best practices.”

– Jayakumar Narasingam


Feed back from Veeramani Palanisamy, 11 December 2015


“The overall training was really good and it was very useful and informative.”

– Veeramani Palanisamy


Feed back from Raghu Gowda, 11 December 2015


“Well planned and covered most of the topics. Probably we may need some time to explore much more overall excellent experience for 1 week.”

– Raghu Gowda


Feed back from Rubinsson Thomas Augustine, 11 December 2015


“Learnt a lot. Lot of stuff will be covered in such a class so the rush is understandable for each module. Good effort.”

– Rubinsson Thomas Augustine


Feed back from Karthikeyan, 11 December 2015


“Training is excellent it met all my expectation. My favorite topic is concurrency and memory. Lab session was good.”

– Karthikeyan


Feed back from Karthik D V, 11 December 2015


“Outstanding presentation skill with depth knowledge. Please improve material copy, currently it is Xerox copy which not clearly visible. Please give us a printed copy.”

– Karthik D V


Feed back from Abishek C, 11 December 2015


“It was very good maybe demo could have been better organized (content), so it is easily reproducible.”

– Abishek C


Feed back from Sunil Samuel James, 11 December 2015


“Its an awesome experience. Fully loaded of SQL Server.”

– Sunil Samuel James


Feed back from Sandip Pani, 11 December 2015


“Worth to attend this training. Learned many new things got clarified many of my doubts. For 5 days training content is too much. Better if it would have been for 7 days. Thank you Amit for sharing your experience on SQL Server. This will Definitely Help me.”

– Sandip Pani


Feed back from Arumuga Priya, 11 December 2015


“Got to know SQL Server Internals, DMV usages and ways to troubleshoot the issue.”

– Arumuga Priya


Feed back from Reena Soosai, 11 December 2015


“Got to know SQL Server Internals, DMV usages and ways to troubleshoot the issue.”

– Reena Soosai


Feed back from Mohd Faisal Ahmed, 11 December 2015


“In depth training on SQL Server presented very well. Now have lots of home work too be done to cover up the tuning level.”

– Mohd Faisal Ahmed


Feed back from Babu, 11 December 2015


“5 Days training was really good. It made us to learn lot of new thing which we required as DBA. Only concern is subject is vast but time is less. ”

– Babu


Feed back from Narasimhulu L, 11 December 2015


“Training and content of training is good. But due to time factor some of the topics did went into more in depth. If would be more good it arrange was done well before on first day.”

– Narasimhulu L