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SQLMaestros specializes in tuning SQL Server. Our experts can tune your SQL Server deployments so that they run faster. Be it tuning at the server level, instance level, database level, index level or at query level – we can do it all. We can solve specific tuning cases or general server slowness. Either way, we identify the root cause of the problem and educate you along the way. SQLMaestros has the experience & expertise to fix a wide variety of performance problems.

To know more drop us an email at contact@sqlmaestros.com.


Typically, we start with a SQL Server Health Check service, followed by tuning specific cases. But if you know where the bottleneck is, we can directly diagnose and fix the bottleneck. SQLMaestros SMEs have vast experience in fixing indexing strategies, optimizing procedural code and tuning server properties, to name a few. We can identify the root cause of a performance issue which may be causing CPU pressure or memory pressure or even IO pressure. We use tools and custom scripts to collect & analyse performance data depending on which area the bottleneck is in.

Performance tuning in SQL Server is a vast area and includes but no limited to: Windows OS performance, SQL Server instance configuration, database data file & log file placement, Tempdb configuration & optimization, indexing strategies, concurrency bottlenecks, deadlock analysis, workload/queries, parameter sniffing, database design, CPU/Memory/IO pressure, etc.

We work very closely with the stakeholders and the customer team to ensure that we successfully execute the performance tuning activity. To know more drop us an email at contact@sqlmaestros.com.

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We also have a five-day Performance Tuning & SQL Developer Master Class. If you are unable to attend in-person we offer online courses as well.