#6 (2 August, 2021)
Using INDEXED VIEW in a subquery? Use along with NOEXPAND hint to avoid expanding the Indexed View. Increases performance.

#5 (30 July, 2021)
Use SET NOCOUNT ON in Stored Procedures to reduce network traffic and to boost performance.

#4 (29 July, 2021)
Want to open MS Docs from SSMS? Either use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + R or Menu > View > Other Windows > Web Browser

#3 (28 July, 2021)
Avoid executing Dynamic SQL using EXEC, instead use sp_executesql to avoid SQL Injection.

#2 (27 July, 2021)
Consider changing the default value of Cost Threshold of Parallelism (CTP). Given today’s hardware, the volume of data, the complexity of workloads, 5 is a low value.

#1 (26 July, 2021)
Order of columns in index definition matters. The order of columns in the SELECT list does not matter.