Friends, here is another SQL Server assignment, successfully completed for one of our esteemed clients. As usual, wonderful training experience with the participants. I am always lucky to find energetic folks inside my class. My attendees add loads of value to the delivery & overall training with great questions and excellent participation. I thoroughly enjoyed and made new friends :)- Thanks to the attendees and my client! Happy SQL Server Learning!


Random feedback from attendees

Feed back from Satish Iraj, 19 April 2013


“Very Knowledgable. Its really a good learning experience. Lot an opportunity to learn lot of techniques of debugging & problem solving. Worth a lot.”

– Satish Iraj


Feed back from Srinivas V, 19 April 2013


“Got the knowledge of how performance & trouble shooting can be done.”

– Srinivas V


Feed back from Shaik Jaheer, 19 April 2013


“SQL Server troubleshooting, architectur, tunning training was good for both DBAS and developers. Lot of internal details. Good to have such training.”

– Shaik Jaheer


Feed back from Satya Sundar Nayak, 19 April 2013


“It was wonderful training experience lots of knowledge and interesting topics in SQL Server performance tuning gathered.Excellent training.”

– Satya Sundar Nayak


Feed back from Anilkumar Jantikar, 19 April 2013


“I learnt many things which required for DBA, Such as Architecture of SQL Server. I say only one word he has (Amit) very good knowledge on SQL Server. Excellent experience with excellet person Mr. Amit.”

– Anilkumar Jantikar


Feed back from Jagadish Babu Punna, 19 April 2013


“Excellent. Amit is very knowledgable and having very good presentation skills. Especially internals covered are very useful.”

– Jagadish Babu Punna


Feed back from Nikhil Sreenivas Vakkalaganti, 19 April 2013


“Windows memory session was excellent.”

– Nikhil Sreenivas Vakkalaganti


Feed back from Aditya Sen Singh, 19 April 2013


“This training help me a lot to understand the SQL Server internals and performance tuning techniques.”

– Aditya Sen Singh


Feed back from Arun Nair, 19 April 2013


“Excellent subject knowledge. Suggest adding animated slides and more diagram to explain subject matter.”

– Arun Nair


Feed back from Karthick S, 19 April 2013


“It was a very informative and eye opener for the participants. Apprceiate it and hope will talk it to our implementation for making our products more productive.”

– Karthick S


Feed back from Puneet Jain, 19 April 2013


“The training was excellent in terms of SQL Server internals and approach of execution. Really helpful and got to know few drawballs of the current practices in use.”

– Puneet Jain


Feed back from Vidyullatha Narra, 19 April 2013


“The best SQL Server session I have ever attended on indexes, SQl Server internal flow, query optimization, performance tuning, joins.”

– Vidyullatha Narra


Feed back from Boddu Sridevi, 19 April 2013


“Interesting SQL Server training, learned many new concepts like DMV and index tunning. Helped to learn on SQL Server internals.”

– Boddu Sridevi


Feed back from Pratap Singh Gaur, 19 April 2013


“Better conceptual understanding of internals, query tuning and indexes.”

– Pratap Singh Gaur


Feed back from Avinash Shrigani, 19 April 2013


“I must say I am fortunate enough & privileged to attend this training. It was very well planned & executed training for the person who has got intermediate knowledge. I will extract & make use of this training knowledge practically. This training really helped me indeed in understanding the various concepts of SQL Server internals. Thank You.”

– Avinash Shrigani


Feed back from Karthikeyan K, 19 April 2013


“Overall its good and cover most of the SQL Server admin concepts.”

– Karthikeyan K


Feed back from Shriharsha G, 19 April 2013


“Overall its good and cover most of the SQL Server admin concepts.”

– Shriharsha G


Feed back from Kiran Kumar Varanasi, 19 April 2013


“Indepth knowledge sharing on SQL Server. It was very good and interactive session.”

– Kiran Kumar Varanasi


Feed back from Mohit Mohan, 19 April 2013


“Depth and breadth of SQL internal knowledge is excellent. Looking forward to get more knowledge practise in terms development.”

– Mohit Mohan


Feed back from Narendra Kumar Alageshan, 19 April 2013


“Learnt most important topics like creating indexes and best practices.”

– Narendra Kumar Alageshan