Friends, here is another SQL Server assignment, successfully completed for one of our esteemed clients. As usual, wonderful training experience with the participants. I am always lucky to find energetic folks inside my class. My attendees add loads of value to the delivery & overall training with great questions and excellent participation. I thoroughly enjoyed and made new friends :)- Thanks to the attendees and my client! Happy SQL Server Learning!


Random feedback from attendees

Feed back from Firoz Syed, 04 December 2015


“It is very helpful to upgrade our skill set.”

– Firoz Syedm


Feed back from Shama Tirmal Reddy, 04 December 2015


“Very good training.”

– Shama Tirmal Reddy


Feed back from Venkatesh, 04 December 2015


“Its very useful session and I learn a lot of things. I just want to add in memory OLTP, Column Store, Always-On are excellent.”

– Venkatesh


Feed back from Chandra Sekhar, 04 December 2015


“The Overall training is good and worth of time.”

– Chandra Sekhar


Feed back from Roopesh Kavukuntala, 04 December 2015


“Its one of the best SQL Training.”

– Roopesh Kavukuntala


Feed back from Ashok Kumar, 04 December 2015


“If possible use the T-SQL in demo as per best practice through it in being used as per best practice but still there were few examples that could be shown (Specially T-SQL) as per best practice.”

– Ashok Kumar


Feed back from Vijay Kumar Thatikonda, 04 December 2015


“Training was so good concepts which was thought crystal clear of can implant in our real time world.”

– Vijay Kumar Thatikonda


Feed back from K Anil Kumar, 04 December 2015


“It was a good training session to know about the in depth concept.”

– K Anil Kumar


Feed back from Suresh, 04 December 2015


“Overall these training concepts are very useful and good.”

– Suresh


Feed back from Srinivas Vengala, 04 December 2015


“Amit definitely has excellent knowledge. But he don’t have deep knowledge on few things on SQL 2014. He should have managed well before the training.”

– Srinivas Vengala


Feed back from P Leela Krishna, 04 December 2015


“Overall the training was very good. However we extended little more deeper explanation on few topics. This was only thing missing. However the training gave us good enough knowledge also we extended good material from trainer, not very much satisfied with material.”

– P Leela Krishna


Feed back from Badelal Yadav, 04 December 2015


“Its very good.”

– Badelal Yadav