Friends, here is another SQL Server assignment, successfully completed for one of our esteemed clients. As usual, wonderful training experience with the participants. I am always lucky to find energetic folks inside my class. My attendees add loads of value to the delivery & overall training with great questions and excellent participation. I thoroughly enjoyed and made new friends :)- Thanks to the attendees and my client! Happy SQL Server Learning!


Random feedback from attendees

Feed back from Anjana C T, 20 August 2011


“I had a very basic knowledge on SQL before coming for the training. This training helped me a lot to understand the concepts. From basic to advanced level also the examples labs done helped me a lot to relate it to my current process. Overall a good learning experience.”

– Anjana C T


Feed back from Arunachalam S, 20 August 2011


“Excellent technical doubts clarification. More relevant examples in real life scenario in Prod environment. Its very good session and got very useful info.

– Arunachalam S


Feed back from Jaya Prakash Kottapalli, 20 August 2011


“I got good knowledge on SSAS which do not know earlier, lab practicing is very good helpful to the people who are attend the training. Sharing document to re audience is really good.

– Jaya Prakash Kottapallin


Feed back from K V Manikandan, 20 August 2011


“Training was very good I learn more about BI. I know we can’t cover full of all topics. What ever training is good.”

– K V Manikandan


Feed back from Nalina, 20 August 2011


“Very useful training . The real time scenarios provided were really good. Thanks a lot for all your Patience.”

– Nalina


Feed back from L Preethi, 20 August 2011


“Many of the advanced concepts were covered which helps us in our projects. Overalll a very good experience was gained.”

– L Preethi


Feed back from M V V Satish , 20 August 2011


“I had good understanding of the data warehousing concepts in real time, overall good understanding of the MSRI. As discovered I need to explore more.”

– M V V Satish


Feed back from S Suresh , 20 August 2011


“It was worth spending 5 workings days for this kind of training, imported in effective way. Couple of days are required really to understand the all stuffs.”

– S Suresh


Feed back from Sundara Raghavan K, 20 August 20111


“I enjoyed the training as I have learned the BI stuff. ”

– Sundara Raghavan K