Friends, here is another SQL Server assignment, successfully completed for one of our esteemed clients. As usual, wonderful training experience with the participants. I am always lucky to find energetic folks inside my class. My attendees add loads of value to the delivery & overall training with great questions and excellent participation. I thoroughly enjoyed and made new friends :)- Thanks to the attendees and my client! Happy SQL Server Learning!


Random feedback from attendees

Feed back from Amarendra Konda, 12 June 2015


“This training has helped us in knowing many internals of the SQL Server and also on how to start exploring the analysis. It would be great, if we could have included one “real time” application load scenario and the analysis.”

– Amarendra Konda


Feed back from B Siva Kishore Kumar, 12 June 2015


“Training was really good and having in-depth of discussions on examples. This training helps me a lot really to increase my knowledge and my analysis skills in database side.”

– B Siva Kishore Kumar


Feed back from Praveen Kumar N, 12 June 2015


“Training was well planned with theory and example going hand-in-hand. Coverage was also good and relevant to the agenda. Clarity of throughout the training.”

– Praveen Kumar N


Feed back from Mini Balakrishnan, 12 June 2015


“The course was eye opener training for me. Good learning experience.”

– Mini Balakrishnan


Feed back from Suresh M, 12 June 2015


“I Liked a lot because I have used many of these things but I am not aware the reasons behind that usage. Now I can command why recommending any index, query change and etc.”

– Suresh M


Feed back from Sunil Ramesh, 12 June 2015


“It has been a great learning experience, gained great insight into various concepts of SQL Server, Learnt new techniques in trouble shooting ad tuning SQL Server. The training has met all my expectations.”

– Sunil Ramesh


Feed back from Prabhakar, 12 June 2015


“An excellent class.”

– Prabhakar


Feed back from T Sesha Rao, 12 June 2015


“Training is very useful. I learnt more in-depth concepts of SQL.”

– T Sesha Rao


Feed back from Naresh Pagadapu, 12 June 2015


“Training session is very good. Need some more material with basic content and examples. Need more real world examples and day to day work how we can effectively use these.”

– Naresh Pagadapu


Feed back from Naveen Kumar Budde, 12 June 2015


“Very good learning experience and very useful sessions.”

– Naveen Kumar Budde


Feed back from Bharath Raj Reddy T, 12 June 2015


“Very good learning experience and very useful sessions.”

– Bharath Raj Reddy T


Feed back from Ramesh Ravindran, 12 June 2015


“Overall a good exposure to the advanced concepts & performance related exposure the practical demos were helpful in understanding the concepts. Excellent Training.”

– Ramesh Ravindran


Feed back from Vasudeva Rao Hosur, 12 June 2015


“As a performance analyst with just over 2 years of experience. I gained insights into SQL Server internals. Now I’ll be able to troubleshoot issues with SQL Server effectively.”

– Vasudeva Rao Hosur


Feed back from Srikanth Myneni, 12 June 2015


“I have got an fair idea on the internals of CPU, Memory, IO. How the debugging can be done using DMV’s and tune the query using execution plans.”

– Srikanth Myneni


Feed back from Jnanadeep G, 12 June 2015


“It has been a great learning sessions and level of concepts about internals & architecture of SQL. It is very helpful for my performance tuning of applications.”

– Jnanadeep G


Feed back from Mohammed Javed, 12 June 2015


“The topic was in-depth that I was amazed to know SQL does so much of background work and still respond in seconds. I our customer know these, they will stop complaining about slowness.”

– Mohammed Javed


Feed back from K G V S Prasad, 12 June 2015


“Excellent knowledge of trainer has helped me in getting awareness about many SQL Server internals. I am very uch exited to apply this learning during my technical challenges (Assignments). Content is mix of DBA and Performance Engineering.”

– K G V S Prasad