Friends, here is another SQL Server assignment, successfully completed for one of our esteemed clients. As usual, wonderful training experience with the participants. I am always lucky to find energetic folks inside my class. My attendees add loads of value to the delivery & overall training with great questions and excellent participation. I thoroughly enjoyed and made new friends :)- Thanks to the attendees and my client! Happy SQL Server Learning!


Random feedback from attendees

Feed back from Shrihari Sadashiv Matre, 5 September 2013


“Insightful, basic understanding of SQL 2012 features are demonstrated.”

– Shrihari Sadashiv Matre


Feed back from Sujan G Valand, 5 September 2013


“Good head start with the new features of SQL 2012.”

– Sujan G Valand


Feed back from Himanshu Sharma, 5 September 2013


“The time required is more for such a vast topic. Still without hands on; sufficient knowledge was exported by trainer.Overall on effective training.”

– Himanshu Sharma


Feed back from Amrut Pawar, 5 September 2013


“Good experience on new features in SQL Server 2012.”

– Amrut Pawar


Feed back from Krishnan Paomanabhan Iyer, 5 September 2013


“Had a good insight of SQL Server 2012.”

– Krishnan Paomanabhan Iyer


Feed back from Sanjeev Verma, 5 September 2013


“Very good experience.”

– Sanjeev Verma


Feed back from Sendil Kumar SS, 5 September 2013


“Excellent hands on experience would have been good.”

– Sendil Kumar SS


Feed back from Vamsee Raju M, 5 September 2013


“The training is overall very good.”

– Vamsee Raju M


Feed back from Harish Masand, 5 September 2013


“Good overview about new features were given. Good trainer.”

– Harish Masand


Feed back from Pallavi Salunke, 5 September 2013


“Good knowledge about the new features of SQL 2012.”

– Pallavi Salunke


Feed back from Ayesha Borker, 5 September 2013


“Good idea about new features in 2012.”

– Ayesha Borker


Feed back from Sourabh V Mule, 5 September 2013


“Need more such trainings good overview of new updates.”

– Sourabh V Mule


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