Friends, here is another SQL Server assignment, successfully completed for one of our esteemed clients. As usual, wonderful training experience with the participants. I am always lucky to find energetic folks inside my class. My attendees add loads of value to the delivery & overall training with great questions and excellent participation. I thoroughly enjoyed and made new friends :)- Thanks to the attendees and my client! Happy SQL Server Learning!

Random feedback from attendees

Feed back from Sumiya Faruq, 2 July 2013


“The sessions were very informative & useful but would have taken for more than 2 days.”

– Sumiya Faruq


Feed back from Mohammed Abdul Muqtadir, 2 July 2013


“It was very informative and speaker has wonderful communication and technical skills.”

– Mohammed Abdul Muqtadir


Feed back from Gouri Tanuja Vallabhaneni, 2 July 2013


“It was informative.”

– Gouri Tanuja Vallabhaneni


Feed back from Sravani Kaki, 2 July 2013


“Session are informative. I have got to know some new features.”

– Sravani Kaki


Feed back from Kalyani Aneggondi, 2 July 2013


“The training was very good. So many of important topics were discussed in SQL. The Session was really useful.”

– Kalyani Aneggondi


Feed back from M. Jahnavi, 2 July 2013



– M. Jahnavi


Feed back from Supriya Pathi, 2 July 2013


“It was good, we got to know more features in SQL and how to implement them in an optimized way.”

– Supriya Pathi


Feed back from Raviteja Somisetty, 2 July 2013


“Very informative. Great experience with practical implementation demonstration of every topic in detail.”

– Raviteja Somisetty


Feed back from Matta Venkata Suchitra, 2 July 2013


“Training is very useful and got to know many new things in SQL Server.”

– Matta Venkata Suchitra


Feed back from Dixith Brahma Sai Dharmaram, 2 July 2013


“It was a nice hands on experience with SQL. The way the session was planned and carried forward was awesome. This should have been more focus on indexes (this is because of lack of time constraint).”

– Dixith Brahma Sai Dharmaram


Feed back from Ramkumar Narla, 2 July 2013


“It was very informative, and I have learnt a lot of new stuff that would take me a couple of months if I had done this all by myself in this 2 day workshop.”

– Ramkumar Narla


Feed back from Jatin Adlakha, 2 July 2013


“In 2 days Time, everything could not be touched upon, but there was an effort to make it understandable while covering maximum portion possible. It was worth my time.”

– Jatin Adlakha


Feed back from Sandeep Thangirala, 2 July 2013


“Amit has a very good knowledge on his subject and we are happy to have him here.”

– Sandeep Thangirala


Feed back from Sri Ravali Kruthiventi, 2 July 2013


“The sessions were effective and clear.”

– Sri Ravali Kruthiventi


Feed back from V Asritha Santhoshi, 2 July 2013


“It is informative and more practical session in parallel with theory part. Its good, made us learn, about SQL concepts in a practical way.”

– V Asritha Santhoshi


Feed back from Rama Devi Rachakanda, 2 July 2013


“The training was very informative and am able to have hands on experience on SQL Server Management Studio. The overall 2 day learning was very good.”

– Rama Devi Rachakanda


Feed back from Karuna Zupudi, 2 July 2013


“It was really a great experience getting our hands on the SQL Server Studio. I learnt so many new things in the workshop and I am sure they will help me long my career.”

– Karuna Zupudi


Feed back from Ajay Kumar Tuniki, 2 July 2013


“It was a great experience. I did not understand all of the things told but will learn though the material given.”

– Ajay Kumar Tuniki


Feed back from N Divya Reddy, 2 July 2013


“A very informative workshop with example.”

– N Divya Reddy


Feed back from Pathyusha Vemu, 2 July 2013


“The training was very productive and got to learn the concepts more deeply and clearly.”

– Pathyusha Vemu


Feed back from Sameen Hashmi, 2 July 2013


“The training was very informative.”

– Sameen Hashmi


Feed back from Gaurav Gurnani, 2 July 2013


“The training was informative & fun at the same time. Especially the indexing part was interesting.”

– Gaurav Gurnani


Feed back from Mohammed Hussain Ali Azad, 2 July 2013


“The technical knowledge and presentation of it was crystal clear and its one of the best workshop I have attended.”

– Mohammed Hussain Ali Azad