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SQLMaestros has delivered more than 500 workshops for 120+ customers across the globe. Top IT services companies, ISVs, software development firms, corporate institutions, government bodies, private & public bank – we have trained and mentored all of them. We’ve trained everyone from expert SQL professionals to involuntary DBAs. We have built content for more than 60 SQL Server courses and workshops spanning across three tracks: Database Administration, Database Development & Business Intelligence. Under each track we have dozens of courses/workshop modules focusing on SQL Server Troubleshooting, SQL Server Performance Tuning, SQL Server High Availability, SQL Server Virtualization, SQL Server Advanced Database Development, SQL Server Advanced Database Administration, SQL Server Advanced Business Intelligence, SQL Server Design, SQL Server OLAP Services, SQL Server 2012 New Features, SQL Server 2014 New Features and many more niche courses. Our content is truly advanced and exclusive. Not to mention, our courses are used by many trainers across the globe. We teach real-world practical skills that you can apply straight-away in your environment and benefit your company and career alike.

Below are various ways how we impart SQL Server Training.

SQL Server Corporate Training

Our SQL Server expert trainers travel to your location. This is an onsite training in your premises for your people. In this model, you are hiring one of our expert trainers dedicatedly for your assignment. The training can be delivered in your premises or you can hire an external venue. In many cases we can assist you with an external venue, anywhere across the globe. Generally, an on-site training consists of 20 to 30 participants. You can choose from a range of our existing courses/workshops or customize the delivery as per your need (a big benefit). Corporate delivery can also be done in an online format if your people are spread across different locations and time zones.
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SQL Server Public Classes

This is an in-person public class/batch model. We occasionally deliver public classes across the globe where individuals can join in. They can be self-sponsored or sponsored by their companies. These public classes are held in executive Hotels and we setup state-of-the-art infrastructure for the training. This works best when you need to train only a group of people, say 2 or 3 or even 4 or 5 – basically, your over-all cost is less compared to hiring our trainer dedicatedly for an onsite delivery. Public classes are based on our fixed courses/workshops and cannot be customized.
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SQL Server Online Training

This is similar to SQL public classes, just that the delivery format is online. This is an amazing model that we are building where you can join our online training from anywhere across the globe, you just need good internet connectivity. The delivery is done through popular online meeting tools like GoToMeeting/Web-Ex/LiveMeeting and the practical’s are offered through vLab service Just like public classes, online trainings are based on our standard courses/workshops and cannot be customized.
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SQL Server Video Courses

No time to attend public classes or online training? You want the training to come to you on-demand? Our SQL Server Video Courses is the solution. The same class & the same courses comes to you via our SQL Server Video Courses. These are professionally recorded courses that we deliver to you via online streaming or offline downloads. And you can practice labs using the vLab service. Like it?
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SQL Server Free Videos

Its not that we charge for all our trainings. We occasionally record videos of important concepts in SQL Server and publish them free on our youtube channel. These are not lengthy trainings but short to-the-point videos that you can watch for free. This is our free community service.
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Get in touch with us and let us know what your need is and we will revert back to you. If you are thinking of a completely innovative delivery format, we would love to innovate along with you.


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    I require Knowledge basics of T-SQL training, Always on complete module, Performance Tuning complete module.

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    Sql server training online

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