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Till now we have posted two Ready Reference documents; SQL Server Performance Counter Ready Reference and DMVs Ready Reference, of which we had more than 7000 downloads as of this writing! We hope it was helpful for the SQL Community! You can download these documents from our Resource Center.

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Now, here is another wonderful piece of document that can help you find the availability of a particular wait type in any version of SQL Server starting from SQL 2008.

We use Wait Types & Wait Statistics, mostly in the context of performance tuning. With every major release of SQL Server, new wait types get added. This document can easily assist you in tracking down the availability of a particular wait type in a specific version of SQL Server. So that you don’t have to jump from box to box and write scripts to figure that out – a tedious/time consuming process.

Here is a screenshot:


A nice document that can sit on your desktop πŸ™‚

Download it from our Resource Center.

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