Session 1

    SQL Server Execution Engine
    Query Lifecycle

Session 2

    Query Lifecycle
    Plan Cache Internals

Session 3

    Plan Cache Internals

Session 4

    Query Optimizer & Execution Plan

Session 5

    5 Better TSQL Fundamentals

Session 6

    Better TSQL – Fixing Implicit Conversion
    Better TSQL – Sargability
    Better TSQL – Rewriting Subqueries
    Better TSQL – OVER clause
    Better TSQL – Temp Tables vs Table Variables

Session 7

    Better TSQL – Working with NULLs
    Better TSQL – Common Table Expression
    Better TSQL – Rewriting Scalar UDFs

Session 8

    Better TSQL – TVFs Basics
    Better TSQL – TVFs with APPLY
    Better TSQL – Ranking Functions

Session 9

    Better TSQL – Dealing with SORTs
    Better TSQL – Optimizing OR
    Better TSQL – BookmarkLookups SELECT Star

Session 10

    Better TSQL – Cardinality Fix
    Better TSQL – Pivoting
    Better TSQL – Stats

Session 11

    Better TSQL – Aggregations

Session 12

    Better TSQL – Joins
    Better TSQL – NOLOCK
    Better TSQL – Complex Expressions
    Better TSQL – Fuzzy String Matching
    Better TSQL – Things You May Not Know

Session 13

    Index Tuning Index Basics
    Index Tuning Page Splits
    Index Tuning Fragmentation

Session 14

    Index Tuning Dynamic Index Seek
    Index Tuning Index Union
    Index Tuning Index Intersection

Session 15

    Index Tuning Fragmentation
    Index Tuning Index AND OR
    Index Tuning Index Aggregates
    Index Tuning Index Joins

Session 16

    Index Tuning Sargability
    Index Tuning MultiColumn Index
    Index Tuning Missing and Unused Indexes
    Index Tuning Redundant Indexes

Session 17

    Index Tuning Clustering Key Choices
    Stored Procedures Parameters Sniffing
    Dynamic SQL

Session 18

    Waits and Queues Introduction
    Waits and Queues PAGEIOLATCH

Session 19

    Waits and Queues RESOURCE SEMAPHORE
    Waits and Queues THREADPOOL
    Waits and Queues BUFFERLATCH
    Waits and Queues SOS SCHEDULER YIELDS

Session 20

    Concurrency Part-1

Session 21

    Concurrency Part-2

Session 22


Session 23

    Extended Events & Query Store

Session 24

    Automatic Tuning
    Intelligent Query Processing