SQL Special Webcast Event, November 15, 2016, 3 PM to 4 PM

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Event TypeFree Webcast
Session TitleAdvanced Pivoting in SQL Server
Session Overview & AbstractPivoting is a technique to reorganize rows to columns to get an aggregated or summarized view of a possibly a large dataset. Pivoting is used in large number of applications and helps solve many reporting needs. In this all-demo Pivoting session, Ahmad will present advanced pivoting real life solutions involving relational division, data aggregations and dynamic pivoting. He’ll also talk about Un-Pivoting, which is the reverse of pivoting. This session is an extract from Ahmad’s Advanced SQL Developer Master Class, the only T-SQL Master Class in India. If you are a T-SQL developer, .Net developer writing T-SQL code or a BI developer, this is a must attend session for you.
Dates & Time15 November 2016, 3 PM to 4 PM IST
Speaker Ahmad Osama (MVP, Sr. Consultant, SQLMaestros)
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