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A lot of new SQL content and learning options announced. Please read carefully.


  • SQL Server Query Tuning & Optimization Master Class Recordings are now available. 28 hours of content. Learn more.


  • Query Tuning training coming up next week on April 28. No-cost. Block your seat and invite your team members too. Just forward this email to them. Learn More.


  • New SQL Videos: Scan vs Seek Performance, How non-clustered indexes can hurt the performance of data modifications and many more.


  • Take a glance at SQLMaestros Corporate Services. Learn More.


  • Short SQL Server Notes by AB. Here.


  • Video Course – SQL Server Performance Tuning (Master Track). This is all you need. Upcoming 50-hour course with comprehensive coverage of SQL internals and tuning at an advanced level. Advance bookings are open. Learn more.


  • SQL Server Performance Tuning Lab Kit. Lab Kits are a collection of Hands-On-Labs focused on Performance Tuning. Each kit contains multiple labs and each lab is divided into multiple exercises. Learn More.

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PS: Data Platform Summit 2022 Registration is now open. All to join. All to learn. Learn More.

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