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We recently solved a performance issue in SQL Server. We tuned a stored procedure that was being plagued by multiple scalar function calls. And guess what – SQL Server 2019 Scalar UDF inlining feature did not work (due to some limitations).

Are you facing similar performance issues in your SQL Server environment? Learn more about our health check and query tuning services. Maybe we can solve the problem for you. Or just reply to this email and someone will get in touch with you. Contact Us.

Continuing our learning journey, here are some popular SQL tutorials from our repository:

  • What is your query waiting on? Watch now.
  • SQL Server Wait Types, Queues & Stats. Watch now.
  • Difference between Session-level & Task-level Waits . Watch now.

The much-awaited Master Class Recordings and the Lab Kits are now available. You can get instant access.

  • SQL Server Query Tuning & Optimization Master Class Recordings. 28 hours of content. Watch the sample content before you subscribe. And make sure to check out the module listing – it’s quite exhaustive. Learn more.
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning Lab Kit Volume 1 is released. Lab Kits are a collection of Hands-On-Labs focused on Performance Tuning. Each kit contains multiple labs and each lab is divided into multiple exercises. Download and try out a sample lab before you purchase your copy. Learn More.
  • Our evergreen video courses. Learn More.

Stay tuned, more SQL content coming your way.

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