SQLM Bulletin #11. October 08, 2020.
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Here is the SQLMaestros Bulletin of 08 October, 2020.

Highlights of Today’s Bulletin
This Thursday, Virtual Symposium on Azure Analytics & Artificial IntelligenceJoin Us
General Sessions Part-2 announced for Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020.


Azure Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Virtual Symposium
15 sessions by Microsoft Program Managers and Industry Experts on Thursday (Oct 8), 9 AM (ET) onwards. Learn More & Register

Session 1: Real-Life Machine Learning projects – advanced linear regression considerations
Session 2: Synapse and Power BI better together
Session 3: Getting Started with Azure Synapse Analytics
Session 4: Azure Digital Twins in a Nutshell
Session 5: Building Analytics Solutions Faster with Azure Synapse Analytics
Session 6: How does Azure Cosmos DB work under the hood?
Session 7: Distinct Count for Power BI
Session 8: Power BI Paginated Reports
Session 9: 7 Things you should know about Azure Data Factory
Session 10: Creating a photorealistic avatar using generative adversarial networks
and more

New SQL Videos
SQL Server Implicit Conversion Part 1

SQL Video Tutorials
SQL Server – The concept of selectivity
How to take database backup in SQL Server

Working with Date and Time Datatypes in SQL Server
Views in SQL Server
All labs are available on SQLMaestros HOLs Section.

Blog Archives
SQL Server Dynamic Index seek operation
SQL Server 2014 Resource Governor – Is Write IO throttled?

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020
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