SQLM Bulletin #7. September 1, 2020.

Spotlight: First List of Breakout sessions for DPS2020 Published. Click Here.

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Here is the SQLMaestros Bulletin of 1 September, 2020. We are kick-starting a new initiative – FREE LIVE Training. Details below.

LIVE Training
Implementing Extended Events by Amit Bansal. Hosted by SQLMaestros
. Click Here.

LIVE Geek Talks
DataPlatformGeeks Geeks Talk with Greg Low on Enterprise Power BI. Click Here.
SSG Geek Talk with Benjamin Weissman & Anthony Nocentino on Kubernetes & Big Data Clusters in context of SQL Server. Click Here.

Upcoming Virtual Symposiums
DataPlatformGeeks Virtual Symposium. Theme – Azure Analytics. Click Here.
DataPlatformGeeks Virtual Symposium. Theme – Artificial Intelligence. Click Here.
DataPlatformGeeks Virtual Symposium. Theme – SQL Performance Tuning. Click Here.

SQL Video Tutorials
How To Enable Global Trace Flags In SQL Server – Click Here.
SQL Server Memory Troubleshooting – Buffer Pool Usage – Click Here.
All videos are available on SQLMaestros.com.

SSIS Data Flow Transformations – Part 1 – Click Here.
SSIS Data Flow Transformations – Part 2 – Click Here.
All labs are available on SQLMaestros HOLs Section.

Blog Archives
SQL Server fn_dblog – An interesting observation. Click Here.

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020
Hope you are already aware of Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020. Till date, we have registrations from 28 countries. DPS is becoming a truly global phenomenon.

100+ Speakers Announced. Checkout the lineup. And you may want to engage on this LinkedIn post with the Speakers.
No learning event on the planet gives you the RECORDINGS of 200+ sessions & LIVE attendance for $99.
No learning event on the planet gives you the RECORDINGS of Training Classes & LIVE attendance for $139.
DPS 2020 will have 200+ Breakout Sessions, 30+ Training Classes. Attend in your time zone, at your home. You can register for free too! Click Here.

Video Courses by SQLMaestros
All-In-One Bundle Pricing has been announced for SQLMaestros Video Courses. Learn More.

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Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020

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