SQLM Bulletin #8. September 10, 2020.

Spotlight: New Training Classes Announced @ DPS 2020. Click Here

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Here is the SQLMaestros Bulletin of 10 September, 2020. We kick-started FREE LIVE Training last Thursday and got tremendous response. Today, Thursday, we are LIVE again. Details below.

Highlights of Today’s Bulletin
LIVE Training today on Implementing Extended Events in SQL Server – Part 2. Join Us
Virtual Symposiums are announced on Advanced Analytics, AI & SQL Performance Tuning. Join Us
New Training Classes have been announced for Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020.


LIVE Training
Implementing Extended Events (Part-2) by Amit Bansal. Hosted by SQLMaestros.

Upcoming Virtual Symposiums
DataPlatformGeeks Virtual Symposium. Theme – Azure Analytics & Artificial Intelligence.
DataPlatformGeeks Virtual Symposium. Theme – SQL Performance Tuning
Join Us

New SQL Video
Extended Events Tips & Tricks – Detailed

SQL Video Tutorials
CXPACKET Wait Type in SQL Server
SQL Server Parallelism (Part 2 of CXPACKET)
Query Tuning – sys.dm_exec_query_stats and sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats

Create and Manage Azure SQL Data Warehouse
SSIS Foreach Loop Container
All labs are available on SQLMaestros HOLs Section.

Blog Archives
SQL Server fn_dblog – An interesting observation
SQL Server NOT IN clause not working

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020
New Training Classes Announced

100+ Speakers Announced. Checkout the lineup. And you may want to engage on this LinkedIn post with the Speakers
DPS 2020 will have 200+ Breakout Sessions, 30+ Training Classes. Attend in your time zone, at your home

Video Courses by SQLMaestros
All-In-One Bundle Pricing has been announced for SQLMaestros Video Courses

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