SQLM Bulletin #10. September 29, 2020.
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Here is the SQLMaestros Bulletin of 29 September, 2020.

Highlights of Today’s Bulletin
This Thursday, LIVE Geek Talk on SQL Server Internals for Developers & DBAs. Join Us
Sessions announced for Azure Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Virtual Symposium. Join Us
General Sessions Part-2 announced for Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020.


LIVE Training – This Thursday
SQLMaestros Geek Talk
by Amit Bansal on SQL Server Internals for Developers and DBAs
DataPlatformGeeks Geek Talk
with Dejan Sarka on Data Science Algorithms
SQLServerGeeks Geek Talk with Erik Darling on SQL Server Query Tuning

Upcoming Virtual Symposiums
DataPlatformGeeks Virtual Symposium. Theme – Azure Analytics & Artificial Intelligence.
DataPlatformGeeks Virtual Symposium. Theme – SQL Performance Tuning
Join Us

New SQL Videos
The Real Impact of Implicit Conversion in SQL Server
Session Level Wait vs Task Level Wait in SQL Server

SQL Video Tutorials
How To Restore A Database in SQL Server

SQL Server – The concept of Density

Load Data into SQL Data Warehouse with Data Factory
XML and Xquery in SQL Server
All labs are available on SQLMaestros HOLs Section.

Blog Archives
sqlservr.exe file size mystery
SQL Server Statistics Histogram- How to Decode? (Statistics Internals)

Fact Sheet – Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020
200 SQL Sessions + Recordings – Content by Microsoft Product Groups & MVPs.
DPS 2020 has a new pricing model. Grab fifty percent off. Limited tickets.
Apart from attending LIVE, delegates will get session recordings. Training Class registrants will get class recordings too. This is true value!
DPS 2020 will cover all time zones, running continuously. The event is coming to your country, your city, your home. Your team members across the globe can join.
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Video Courses by SQLMaestros
All-In-One Bundle Pricing has been announced for SQLMaestros Video Courses

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