Implementing Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2016 & 2017

SQL Server 2014 & 2016 have been the best release ever with some spell bounding features and functionalities including In-Memory & Columnstore. SQL Server 2016 has been rated as a leader in OLTP databases by Gartner Research and holds record breaking performance in TPC benchmarks. SQL Server handles some of the toughest database deployments across the globe. This 40-hour course is designed to give you the right amount of internal knowledge and loads of practical on all the new features & functionalities of SQL Server 2014 & 2016, and what’s new in SQL Server 2017. The course has advanced coverage of In-Memory & Columnstore feature and comprehensively covers many less-used features like Resource Governor IO & Buffer Pool Extension. Overall, this is the most detailed, advanced & comprehensive training on SQL Server 2014/2016/2017 database engine.

This Master Class will be delivered by Amit Bansal, Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server & 11 times Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional awardee.

All Master Class participants will get a 1-month FREE subscription to SQLMaestros Hands-on-Labs. Apart from practicing course specific labs, participant’s will have access to the entire library during this period.

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Course Code PI_SQL_103
Course TitleImplementing Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2016 & 2017
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Delivery FormatIn-Person (Classroom-based). Learn more about our In-Person Delivery Model
Date, Time & DurationMarch 2018, 40 hours Master Class comprising of:

  • 3 days classroom training of 8 hours each
  • 16-20 hours of Hands-on-Labs Exercises (to be practiced anytime/anywhere for 1 month or until the free subscription expires)

During the 3 days of classroom training, class timings will be from 9 am to 6 pm with one-hour of lunch break

List Price
Super Early Bird – Till Nov 30, 2017INR 39,000/USD 1500
Early Bird – Dec 1 to Jan 31, 2018INR 43,000/USD 1700
Regular – Feb 1 to March, 2018INR 47,000/USD 1900
    * INR & USD Prices quoted above are exclusive of 18% GST.
    * Prices in USD are applicable ONLY for international participants registering and/or planning to join the class
    from outside India.
    * There will be an additional service charge of 4% for online payment (using debit/credit card)
    * There are group discounts available. Reach out to the team for updated offers
Level300-400 (Advanced to Expert)
Target AudienceThis course is intended for SQL Server Database Administrators, SQL Database Engineers, SQL Developers & SQL Architects. Anyone who works with the database engine of SQL Server.
PrerequisitesThis course requires that participants have at least 2 years of genuine experience with Microsoft SQL Server. This course is not meant for Fresher
Trainer/InstructorAmit R S Bansal (SQL MCM, SQL MVP)

Key Highlights:

  • The most advanced SQL Server 2014, 2016 & 2017 Workshop in India
  • 40 hours of deep-dive learning
  • Exclusive, level 300/400 content
  • Packed with real-world scenarios and examples
  • Get your own copy of SQLMaestros course material developed by Amit Bansal
  • Learn from the Master: Amit Bansal is the only Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server in India (outside Microsoft)

Module 1:  In-Memory OLTP Overview

Business & Hardware Trends, Motivational Factors, Architecture Pillars, Memory Optimized Tables Overview, Stored Procedures Overview, Customer Experiences and more

Module 2:  In-Memory OLTP (Database Administration)

Memory Usage and Management, Row Format, Hash Indexes, BW Tree, Garbage Collection, Monitoring, Durability, Disk Storage, Data & Delta Files, Merge Operation, Checkpoint, Storage Considerations and Best Practices, Recover, HADR and more!

Module 3:  In-Memory OLTP (Database Development)

Create Table DDL, Create Table Type, Table Creation Process, Memory Optimized Indexes, Index Creation, Accessing Memory Optimized Tables, Stored Procedure Creation, Transactions, Concurrency Control, Isolation Levels, Write Conflict, Guidelines & Limitations and more

Module 4:  In-Memory OLTP Migration

Analysing Applications & Patterns, Understanding Impact, Establishing Baseline, Identifying Bottlenecks, AMR tool, DMVs, Testing, Durability Consideration, Estimating Memory Consumption, Indexing Guidelines and Considerations, Query Performance, Interpreted Transact-SQL vs. Natively Compiled and more

Module 5:  In-Memory OLTP Performance Troubleshooting

Performance Considerations, Troubleshooting Tools, Hardware & Concurrency, Index Troubleshooting, Native Procedures Troubleshooting and more

Module 6:  In-Memory OLTP: Memory/Storage Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Memory Challenges, Resolutions, Garbage Cleanup, OOM and Resolution, Data and Delta Files States & Transitions, Merge Operation, Backups and more

Module 7:  Buffer Pool Extension

Motivation, Benefits, Ease of Use, Troubleshooting, Performance Counters, Storage Class Memory, Buffer Pool Manager, Scenarios and more

Module 8:  Columnstore Index Overview

DW Intro, Star Schema & Star Join, DW Performance, Speeding Storage & IO, Query Execution, Row Mode vs Batch Mode, Performance and more

Module 9:  Non-Clustered Columnstore Index

Business Rationale, Trends in DW Space, Why Columnstore, Terminology, Compression, Row Groups & Column Segment, Memory Internals, Query Performance and more

Module 10:  Clustered Columnstore Index

Why CCI, Data Compression, Columnstore TSQL, Query Performance, Improved Batch Mode Processing, Update Process, Tuple Mover, Concurrency, Materialized View, HA, Columnstore Metadata, DBCC and more

Module 11:  Columnstore Index Internals

Metadata, Extended Events, Memory Internals, Storage Internals, Transaction Internals, Data Loading, Compression Internals, Compatibility with Other Features and more

Module 12:  Optimizer & Query Plan Enhancements

New Cardinality Estimator, Incremental Statistics and more

Module 13:   Resource Governor for I/O

Overview, IO Governance, T-SQL, DMVs, XE, Real-Time IO Throttling and more

Module 14:  Delayed Durability

Architecture, Why We Need It, Pros & Cons and more

Module 15:  Always On Availability Groups in SQL Server 2014 & 2016

New Enhancements in AGs in SQL 2014 & 2016

Module 16:  In-Memory OTLP in SQL Server 2016 – What’s New?

New Enhancements in In-Memory OLTP Engine

Module 17:  Columnstore Index in SQL Server 2016 – What’s New?

New Enhancements in Columnstore Indexes

Module 18:  Security in SQL Server 2016 – What’s New?

New Security Enhancements in SQL Server 2016

Module 19:   Query Store and Live Query Statistics

Enabling/Disabling, Query Store Metadata, Configuration, Usage Scenario, Using with In-Memory OLTP, Performance Tuning with Query Store, Performance Tuning with Live Query Statistics and more!

Module 20:   SQL Server 2016 Operational Analytics

Traditional DW Architecture, Minimizing Data Latency, Understanding Real Time Analytics, Real Time Analytics with Columnstore Index, Real Time Analytics with Columnstore on In-Memory OLTP, Scenarios, Best Practices and more.

Module 21:  Temporal & JSON in SQL Server 2016

Overview, Consistency Checks, Partitioning, Considerations & Limitations, Security, Metadata, JSON Representation, FOR JSON, and more!

Module 22:   Always Encrypted

Benefits, What, Whay & How, Architecture, Security & Permissions, Stretch Database Advisor and more!

Module 23:   Stretch Database

Architecture, Scenarios, Always Encrypted Keys & Driver, T-SQL, Best Practies and more!

Module 24:   Dynamic Data Masking & Row Level Security

Defining a Dynamic Data Mask, Permissions, Querying, Limitations & Restrictions, Use Cases, Best Practices and more!

Module 25:  Miscellaneous Enhancements in SQL Server 2014 & 2016

Miscellaneous Enhancements in SQL 2014 & 2016.

Module 26:  SQL Server 2014 & 2016 – Hybrid Scenarios

SQL Server Data Files in Windows Azure, Hosting a SQL Server Database in a Windows Azure Virtual Machine, Backup to Azure &URL, Azure HADR and more!

Module 27:  SQL Server Upgrade

Upgrading from a lower version to SQL Server 2014/2016.


In The Words Of Amit Bansal

“Hi, My name is Amit Bansal and I am the instructor for this course. SQL Server is an enterprise level RDBMS server with a very powerful database engine capable of handling toughest of requirements in terms of scalability, availability, extensibility and performance. SQL Server 2014 & 2016 takes the toughness to the next level. It has award-winning (Gartner) & record-breaking (TPC) features and functionalities including In-Memory & Columnstore. In this 40-hour course, I will go deep inside In-Memory & columnstore concepts, their internal working, practical usage and with tons of real-world demos. There are some less-known yet very powerful features like Buffer Pool Extension & Resource Governor IO and I will be covering them as well with relevant demos/examples. SQL 2016 administration and programmability features will be covered with practical examples. SQL is big on performance and features like Query Store will be covered in-depth. A solid understanding of the new features is very critical for anyone who is implementing 2014/2016. Note that this 3 day class is rigorous and deep-dive! The course is packed with Hands-On-Labs powered by

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