DMVs and DMFs for SQL Server – Ready Reference

Hi Friends, Last week we posted SQL Server Performance Counter Ready Reference, of which we had more than 1000 downloads instantly! We hope it was helpful for the SQL Community! You can download it from our Resource Center. Here is another wonderful piece of document that can help you find the availability of any DMV/DMF [...]

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Free SQL video: New SQL Server 2014 Dynamic Management Views and Functions

Hi Friends, In this video, I am demonstrating how you can figure out the new SQL Server 2014 Dynamic Management Views in any version of SQL Server, yourself! Get new content directly in your inbox - Click here You can also visit DataPlatformGeeks (DPG) Video Library to watch more videos and to download video resources [...]

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SQL Server 2014 new DMV – Figure It Out Yourself

Hi Friends, In this post, I am demonstrating how you can figure out SQL Server 2014 new DMV, yourself! From SQL Server 2014 VM (or a physical box), add a Linked Server connection to a SQL Server 2012 VM (or a physical box) And execute the following script: SELECT a.NAME sql2014 ,b.NAME FROM sys.sysobjects a [...]

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