If I subscribe to one video course, can I watch all of them?

You will be able to access the video course which you subscribed to. This means, if you subscribe to the Performance Tuning Video Course, you will be able to access the said one, not the others.

Will I get a completion certificate?

Yes. After you have completed the video course, send us an email at contact

[at]SQLMaestros[dot]com, and we will email you the soft copy of the completion certificate. We do not provide any hard copy certificate.

Will I get a tax invoice?

Of course, after your purchase, you instantly get a receipt and within 24 hours, you will receive a tax invoice.

I wish to purchase a corporate account for my team (group of people). Is that possible?

Yes. Please write to contact[at]SQLMaestros[dot].com and we will revert.

So what am I subscribing to and what will I get?

You are subscribing to the on-demand video course mentioned on this page. You get to watch the full course (all modules and demos). You can stream on your desktop, laptop or tablet. Watch anywhere, anytime and as many times. You get the content in the form of PDF files, sample databases, and all the demos/labs scripts.

Will the instructor be present on the screen throughout the video course?

Yes. The instructor will be present on the screen throughout the video course, both for the theory/lecture (slides) and the demos. The delivery is very lively, one step ahead than a live instructor-led class. Watch the teaser to get the feel.

What if I have a question to ask? I mean what about Q&A?

SQLMaestros has multiple forums for the community. You can join any forum of your choice and ask your question. LinkedIn, Telegram, Facebook.

How will I watch the videos & demos?

Once you purchase the subscription, a team member from SQLMaestros will revert to you on email within 24 hours of your purchase. You will be provided with your exclusive credentials, detailed instructions & guidelines. You will be required to log-in and access the videos. There are no other pre-requisites. Any browser can be used.

How can I practice the demos/labs?

You will be able to download the sample databases and scripts that are part of the video course. Either you can use your existing dev/test environment or create a new environment and practice all the demos/labs. We also provide you a detailed guide so that you can create your own new SQL VM if you wish so.

So what are SQLMaestros Hands-On-Labs?

SQLMaestros Hands-On-Labs is a separate offering/learning solution. It has no relation to the video courses. Most video course subscribers also opt for the Hands-On-Labs library as it contains hundreds of labs to practice on various aspects of SQL Server and Microsoft Data Platform.

What is the cost of Hands-On-Labs?

Please visit https://www.hols.sqlmaestros.com

Will I be able to download the videos?

No. The video course is based on the subscription model. You will only have streaming access to the videos.

Will the videos (in the course) be similar to SQLMaestros YouTube videos?

Absolutely not. SQLMaestros YouTube channel videos are free content for the community and recorded using personal equipment. The video course content, quality, and presentation are at a different level altogether. Video course is HD recorded in a professional studio. Therefore, content-wise, video courses are way more comprehensive in terms of content coverage, depth of content, the flow of training and defines a learning path. Random YouTube videos (which our Amit Bansal’s community work) can never be compared to a full-fledged course.

Will the video course help in any kind of certification exam?

It may or may not. SQLMaestros has not designed this video course keeping any exam or certification in mind.

Are the demos and labs different or are they the same?

Demos are labs. And labs are demos. They are all the same thing.

What is the price of the video course?

Please refer to the above table.

How much experience is required to subscribe to the video course?

All courses are designed for working DBAs and some experience with SQL Server is required.

Will I get any downloadable material with the course?

You will get the content in PDF format (the slides) and all the demos/labs scripts with sample databases.

Are these videos demo-based/hands-on?

The video course is packed with demos. Practical, real-world examples are the true essence of our video courses. You can practice all of them in your environment as you will be able to download all the demos/scripts with sample databases.

Is there any cancellation or refund policy?

No. Apologies.

Do I just need to login and watch the course over a browser or are there any other prerequisites?

Login. Start watching.

Is my subscription for a lifetime? Any hidden stuff here?

No hidden stuff. You have lifetime access to your subscriptions.

I have a scenario where I will watch the video course from my home machine, but when I am in office, I wish to use my office machine. Is this possible?

Yes it is possible, but you have to comply with Terms of Use.

What are the terms of use?

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I have more questions.

Write to contact@SQLMaestros.com