With SQLMaestros Premium Video Library, you get access to access to hundreds of short tutorials and demos on SQL Server internals, administration, querying, programming & performance tuning, optimization – almost everything. Hundreds of videos? Yes, eventually. Let us explain: Premium Video Library subscription has begun from June 1, 2020. Right now there are very few videos in the library. We are adding new videos/new content every week. So in due course of time, the library will have hundreds of videos. Yeah, we are committed. And that is why we are following a dynamic pricing model, as follows:

Current month: June 2020

Prediction: August 2020

Prediction: December 2020

Number of Videos in the Library: XX

Current Pricing: USD 9

Subscription Period: 12 months

Number of Videos in the Library: 50 (approx)

Tentative Pricing then: USD 24

Subscription Period: 12 months

Number of Videos in the Library: 100 (approx.)

Tentative Pricing then: USD 49

Subscription Period: 12 months

Why should you subscribe now? If you subscribe now, you get 12 months access. So, in months to come when the number of videos in the library are a lot more than what is today, you get all that as part of your current subscription. You are not paying anything extra. Clear winner.

Note: Discounts are offered to support the SQL community during these tough times.

Not interested? Or want to wait? No worries, our Free Video Library has hundreds of videos, and it is always free.


What will be the level of content?

Mostly intermediate to advanced level.

Will it be only videos, or will there be some other form of content?

Only videos

Are the number of videos for the months mentioned above final?

No. The numbers are approximate. Mostly, it will be more !