Friends, Here is another SQL Server assignment, successfully completed for one of our esteemed clients. As usual, wonderful training experience with the participants. I am always lucky to find energetic folks inside my class. My attendees add loads of value to the delivery & overall training with great questions and excellent participation. I thoroughly enjoyed and made new friends :)- Thanks to the attendees and my client! Happy SQL Server Learning!

Read a more detailed version of the Master Class experience – in the words of the participants!


Random feedback from attendees

Feed back from Sunil Kumar, 30 Sept 2016


“It was a deep drive in Sql Internals and its application for trouble shooting and performance tunning it was a lot of information to grasp in 5 week time lots of information.

– Sunil Kumar


Feed back from Shalvi Raj, 30 Sept 2016


“Serious were worth attending got indepth knowledge of SQL internals and tuning skills which I can apply in my day to day work.”

– Shalvi Raj


Feed back from Saurabh Iyer, 30 Sept 2016


“It was very informative and introduced concepts I was previously unfamiliar with some of the content seemed to be not relavent professionally, but I am not complaining.”

– Saurabh Iyer


Feed back from Saurabh Singh Bhadauria, 30 Sept 2016


“Wonderful session and context it will really help me in my carrier looking forword to attain future training.”

– Saurabh Singh Bhadauria


Feed back from Manish Kumar, 30 Sept 2016


“it was good and indepth.”

– Manish Kumar


Feed back from Kanika Mehra, 30 Sept 2016


“Awesome as excepected. Trainer is well versed in all the course content of the course. The overall experience is really good. Cleared most of the concept on performance tuning with a deep drive in internals and very effective demos of the same.”

– Kanika Mehra


Feed back from Brijesh Kushwaha, 30 Sept 2016


“This was excellent knowledge sharing session from amit. Got to know a lot of internal and trouble shooting about Sql server .Amit is an excellent trainer and has huge knowledge of intenal of SQL server.”

– Brijesh Kushwaha


Feed back from Bharati Arya, 30 Sept 2016


“Training was amazing . Trainer(Amit Bansal)was great. Few suggetions :-> Plese provide some PDFs explaining the scripts. As you do in your tutorials or practical labs.”

– Bharati Arya


Feed back from Ashish S Anand, 30 Sept 2016


“It was an awesome experience to get trained on SQL SERVER by Mr. Amit Bansal. Who holds the experience in the subject and he did his best job that we understood the concept fully and answers all our queries Thak you.”

– Ashish S Anand


Feed back from Ashish Jain, 30 Sept 2016


“Vey good indepth knowledge for SQL server Performnce tuning we got demo are also very practical. ”

– Ashish Jain


Feed back from AR Khan, 30 Sept 2016


“it was good. Some points are really informative for me .his proffessional skill is good.”

– AR Khan


Feed back from Abhishek Solani, 30 Sept 2016


“It was great to go into depth and refresh knowledge with such trainings.thanks amit for indepth knowledge.”

– Abhishek Solani