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SQL Server 2008 Partition Level Locking

Hi Friends, I have posted an article on SQL Server 2008 partition level locking. You can browse it here: http://sqlservergeeks.com/articles/sql-server-bi/73/sql-server-2008-%E2%80%93-partition-level-locking This article demonstrates partition level locking behaviour which is new in SQL Server 2008 onwards. Locks are escalated from ROW to TABLE by default. But the default option can be changed to escalate ROW locks [...]

SQL Server Lock Escalation explained

Hi Friends, I wrote a blog post on partition-level locking where I demonstrated how locks are escalated from row to partition. The blog post is here; A few readers wrote back to me asking when does SQL Server escalate the row locks to table or partition level locks. So in this post, I will talk [...]


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